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Lexapro - stopping the med

I've been on Lexapro for nearly 4 years.  I got on the medication after experiencing a situation at work that really upset me at the time.  I had mood swings that caused anxiety at the start of work to depression in the afternoons that lasted until bedtime.  At bedtime I would take Klonopin to control the built up anxiety over planning for my next work day.  Now that I have been retired since 2012, I realized that I'm no longer working and the medication should no longer be necessary.  I weaned off the meds slowly and after a week I've been completely off everything.  It's not to say that feelings of anxiety have not completely left but I have not felt at all depressed since. I actually have been seeing an acupuncturist for treatment for this it is one of his specialties.  I've had one treatment so far and it has made more difference than I thought possible.  I have many more treatments coming. I did gain at least 30 pounds since I started and experienced sexual disfunction as well as a reduced appetite.  I remained a little bit active but could do better but it's likely because of feeling more lethargic on the meds for so long.  My question comes with if rather or not the weight will ever come off and does the sexual disfunction ever get remedied over time.  I'm sure it varies with individuals, but is there an average time as to if these problems ever resolve for those off the meds?  Or is your body thrown off balance for good now?  Thanks for any advice or shared experience with same.
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Some effects can be lasting, but I think the two you're concerned about will get better now that you're off the med.
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I appreciate the feedback.  Thank you.
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I agree.  I think you'll notice that the side effects will either greatly improve, or resolve all together.  It just may take some time, so hang in there!  Glad to hear that you've found ways to manage your anxiety after coming off the medication!
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