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Lexapro missed dose

Aw I feel so stupid I forgot to take my Lexapro tablet to and now have the worst headache in the world and my globus hystericus is really acting up, just writing this I have to make myself swallow, I just took the tablet now but it's 5 hours late, would this do anything to my? I don't feel good at all and feel totally stupid :(
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don't be too hard on yourself. we all miss a dose here and there. your headache and globus hystericus should subside soon. it sounds like your body is particularly sensitive to missing a dose. what's your dosage of lexapro?
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It's 10mgs! Hope I feel better soon! Thanks
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You are not the only one who has ever missed a dose!!  So don't beat yourself up over it...and you are not "stupid" : )  We all have done it one time or another.  You will feel better, trust me!!!!  Been there and done that!  
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I just felt that way cos for me its such an important thing and all i did yesterday was watch some tv, don't no how i could have possibly forgot, oh well, feel a bit better, bit of a headache today and i feel very nauseous but i guess that could be from anything...

Thanks for the support!
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I can't count how many times I have missed a dosage. When I do miss a dosage I think it's a good thing because that means I was not thinking about my depression and anxiety.

Missing a dose on an SSRI is not a big deal. Lexapro has a very long half life and one would have to miss several dosages to negitivly effect the treatment of their depression and anxiety
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You went into withdrawal, probably, a mild one, actually.  Happened to someone I know, who's a therapist of all things and missed a dose of Lexapro.  You're fine now.
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yes i am fine now, thanks for your support...
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