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Likely anxiety, seeking reassurance

Symptoms started about a week and a half ago. Main symptom was throat tension, which led to health anxiety. Only other noticeable symptoms have been muscle tension in upper shoulders and neck. I am a 28 year old male, 6'4" and 238 lbs. I exercise vigorously 4 days per week, about 180 minutes total per week.  Anxiety caused a few days worth of elevated blood pressure. Went to Urgent Care doctor, did not see anything wrong but referred me to ENT. ENT checkup went smoothly, he did not see any issues. Have since felt calmer and throat has improved, but noticed weight loss from 243 lbs (weighed at Urgent Care) down to 238.6 (weighed at home) over the course of a week. I don't smoke or drink, and family health history is clear. I have been eating healthier smaller portions over the course of this episode.

Do I have anything to worry about?
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You can always ask your GP for blood work or other tests that you fell you need. I know that I feel like I can't sallow sometimes- anxiety. Before I has my big panic attack 4 years ago, I had a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck. It was hurting all the time, then once I had the panic attack it released that tension. I still get it from time to time. What you have described are anxiety symptoms, at least for me. I suffer from health anxiety, it is scary but if you can get a good support system in place and find other things like meditation to keep you calm.
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