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Lymph Nodes in Neck Causing Anxiety

So I believe I have had this for awhile now because I have freaked out about this before but I seem to have 2 lymph nodes that move together when I mess with them. They are really mobile and some what firm but definitely not rock solid. They feel small as well but it concerns me because the term matted nodes comes to mind and that usually is never good from what I have read.

I had a recent appointment where the doctor felt my neck but didn't seem concerned with anything but this "matting" concerns me.

Just not sure what to do or if this can be normal and not just cancer. How do I get over the anxiety of this?
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Your doctor has seen and felt them so there's probably not much we can add to that, so let's focus on the anxiety part.  Do you have anxiety about things a lot?  Is this the only thing you get anxious about?  The question is, do you have a chronic anxiety problem that's getting in the way of your life?  If you do, a therapist who specializes in anxiety treatment might be able to help and also teach you some relaxation exercises to help you with this.  Again, can't help you the neck, don't even know if what you're feeling are actually your lymph nodes or something else and you have seen a doctor about it.  
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Yea, I have hypochondria and tens to jump from one thing to the next. Usually my eyes are the primary focus but once I feel comfortable with that, I always find something else and I would say it is affecting me greatly. I have been thinking of seeking therapy but was always put off because of money
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Lymph nodes are a normal part of our immune system.  It's great your doctor saw you and was able to tell you that the two lumps are not concerns and yet you are still very worried.  That's hard.  How much does this impact you?  Are you constantly checking, not able to relax?  Or worse?  I think beginning to work on the anxiety would be a good idea.  Some of that you can do at home by yourself.  This includes improving your lifestyle if you need to.  Daily exercise is very good for anxiety and mental health as a whole, eating well and getting proper rest.  Listening to meditation apps like Calm or Headspace, practicing breathing exercises, heck, doing some yoga from a youtube video.  :>)  All is beneficial and helps sooth anxiety.  If it is still at a high level and impacts your daily function, it is time to look into health anxiety.  https://www.health.harvard.edu/mind-and-mood/always-worried-about-your-health-you-may-be-dealing-with-health-anxiety-disorder  I start with my primary care doctor for help and referrals and this is a good place to start.  Therapists can be very beneficial but ask questions before you see them to find one that you gel with.  I try to work with my insurance to save money, I must admit. So, that may dictate some of your choices.  
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I do want to warn, though, that most psychologists and psychiatrists do not take insurance.  The ones who do are seldom very good.  This will differ depending on where you live, but so will the number of practitioners.  Most of them are in large urban areas, but those areas are full of wealthy people who can afford to see them without insurance.  The trend for many years has been, get a clientele and then stop taking insurance so you can make more money and file less paperwork.  Physicians who deal with physiological problems can't often work this way, as their procedures are so expensive, but psychiatrists and psychologists have very low overhead and don't do expensive procedures.  If you can find a good one who takes insurance, great, but my experience has been really bad with those who do.  The best ones, the ones you get referred to by the people you trust, usually don't.  This is a problem with our health care system, but folks do need to know this problem exists.  It does little good to sit and chat about the weather with a therapist.  They have to work and have to have a toolkit, and that takes initiative and hard work, and I've never found one who takes insurance who does this.  Hope you can.
But, do look.  Do try.  Just be aware that if at first you don't succeed with therapy or with a psychiatrist know that there are probably a ton more out there who don't appear on your insurance company or Medicare list.  They're not on the list because they don't take insurance.  
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