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Mini Panic Attacks

hi guys :)

such a relief tht i found this forum!!

about 2 years ago i had my first panic attack, called an ambulance out and everything (thought i was dying)... ever since i have been havin "mini panic attacks"... i get them pretty much all the way through the day, but i hide them very well, i get the feeling of breathing in but the air is jst not reaching my lungs, and pains in my chest, most of the time i can drown these feelings out if i keep myself busy, but its when i am on my own, or not keeping my mind busy it gets worse, i have been to see my doctor and he recomended theropy, but i dont see how this is going to help as in my eyes i have tried every technique under the sun NOTHING WORKS!!!! :(

any suggestions as to wat i can do to help myself or people that are jst goin through the same as me would be nice

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It is a daily battle. I feel your pain, I really do. Talking with someone really helps. Therapy is a great aid in treating, or making the symptoms less of a problem. I am a strong supporter of it. When I started I did not think that I needed to talk to someone. I really thought it was something that I could beat on my own. I have come a long way, but it was therapy over the meds that really helped me.
Many people mistake a panic attack for a medical emergency, like a heart attack. The symptoms can seem similar, but panic attacks aren’t life-threatening.

I agree with you to get right therapy suggested by the doctor.
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I am a huge advocate for therapy! Therapy in combination with meds has helped me tremendously. I have no intentions of staying on my meds long term, but I will continue with therapy forever if I need too. It is really nice to be able to talk with someone about everyday stresses! Give it a try! You might be surprised!
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Botcho is right I use this and my family as my therapy. To read others experiences try some ideas that have worked for others and see if they work for me. Just talking to people here who understand what we go through. Also family members or friends who are willing to listen and be objective not rude like the old saying just get over it. We know it's not that easy. I have learned when I am by myself and a panic starts to come on to challenge it and show it and yourself that you are not afraid of it or the way it makes you feel. In time my panics have become fewer and farther between and I feel a little bit closer to normal. Hope this helps you and remember were usually always here to talk to.
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hey, i can relate to you. this time i got this really bad anxiety attack and also had to call the ambulance i also thought i was dying after that happened i,ve just had these really bad hest pains really bad!!! i also get these feelings with my breath i just feel like i have no air.and like you i hide it really good i get these mini attacks to but i just try to get busy or what i do is drink some water. my drs have also recomended therapy i just don't c it working though, i've had like 5 types of medications and nothing, what i do is try to keep busy but sometimes thats just not possible they recomende this book called"hope and help for your nerves" i haven't tried it yet but i just got recomended to it and iv'e seen the book reviews and it seems to help im going to buy the book so if you do 2 let me know how it works out.
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heyo, i know what you mean like, my thoughts keep racing in my mind and it gets me really agitated and i start to panic and get depressed alot. it's really hard to keep those thoughts out and it's even harder to find someone to talk to.
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recently i have been having panic attacks as well when i found out i could have them back in 99 yes i was using drugs but stopped found out i was diagnosed with G.A.D.i started with 3 vailuim a day and eventually moved it to twoand still trying to do it that way anyways i haven't had really any panick attacks untill recently i  have 4 from what i counted  one was caffien related which i found out the other was wen i stopped smoking took my meds after trying to fight the attacks. and after i woke i was all good now lately i was at a party and i didnt have no panick attack untill i was walking with my niece surprisingly that same morning i did  not have a hangover which as much s i drank i should have anyways we were on our way to the store but... it wasn't a full blown attack it was more anxiousness than nay thing ranted i felt like i wanted to puke and didnt. as soon as i got to my nephiews i took ap ill and went to sleep an was good untill my niece left and got a little jumpy ya kow clammy and sweat again i walked it off and went to sleep woke up cool. now im  back home and it seems now as if im constantly going to have an attack but same as befoer not a full blown one ya know i always have my meds by my side but.. so far the anxiety is not real bad but the anxious nes is there is thre nay one out there going thru the same thing if u are i would appreciate sum feedback that could help im thinking maybe they are b/c i stopped smoking but why are they kinda as not as bad which is good not complaining but how can one live like this it ***** i dnt drink much
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I have these attacs and I can stop thinking about them but reading your comments make you feel grate :)
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I have had several mini attacks today, I take xanax for them, but today after I took it it was like a head rush! My whole body started to feel hot and I got real shaky. Felt like my chest was going to blow up, very scary feeling. They have stopped now but boy am I wiped out. I haven't experienced that feeling before after taking my xanax, anyone else have that happen?
In 2013 while I was being treated for rectal cancer I had a panic attack and happened to be driving by my clinic. I thought I was dying. It didn't happen again until May 5th, 2020. Since then I have been having them nearly all the time I am awake and unless I take alprazolam they return. Within five minutes of waking up I am having major panic attacks. One after another after another until I take a alprazolam. They are terrible and I feel the life slipping from my body. Racing, skipping heartbeat, hyperventilating, hot rush flowing through my body and groin and thoughts of death and dying.They keep coming until I am too tired to stay awake and finally get some rest usually at least twenty four hour of attacks and a few hours of sleep and the cycle begins as soon as I wake up again. During this last month or so I have been physically suffering even though they are brain based the result is debilitating and I am incapable of taking care of myself. I am a 63 year old man. Cancer free since July 2015 I quit drinking November sixth, 2008 and have been a grateful, recovering alcoholic. I mention this only because I would prefer not to take drugs, but can't get past this without them. I have started a routine of Buspirone (30 Mg) daily last week and Hdroxizine (50 Mg.) twice a day. It has had no effect so far, but I continue to hope it will kick in and rid me of this evil and terrible sickness. I feel as if I am dying each time it happens and they are constant. Alprazolam has worked, but I hope I don't have to take it forever. I haven't had a cat scan on my brain, but the fact that they just won't stop tells me I should look in that direction. Anyone with similar scenario, please respond as I am at the end of my rope and can't take much more of this torture.
This is often how chronic panic attacks start.  It is not often they start in someone as old as you are -- chronic mental illness usually hits between the late teens and the late twenties.  So the first question would be, what changed at the time this started?  Especially note if you started or abruptly stopped taking any medication, especially one that affects brain neurotransmitters.  I'm not sure the meds you've been given are ones that work all that well assuming you have gotten a chronic anxiety attack disorder.  Buspirone has never done well in clinical trials, and is usually only used these days alongside an antidepressant that is working but just not as well as was hoped.  Hydroxizine is used for anxiety sometimes, but not because it has any anxiolytic effects -- it works because it has the unwanted side effect of making people who use it for its approved use, as an antihistamine, very sedated to the point of feeling sleepy.  Your benzo does work directly on anxiety, but if you take it as often as you suggest it is an addictive drug and can be very hard to stop taking.  Antidepressants, when they work, work all the time, not just for a very short time as the benzo you're on.  Some benzos allegedly work longer, such as valium and especially clonazepam, but again, if you take them regularly they are addictive and very hard to stop taking.  If that's what you need you take them, but do be aware not to stop this drug abruptly -- it must be tapered off of as slowly as necessary to be safe.  What you need to do is see the best doctor you can find and get checked up for everything -- thyroid, and most docs don't test thyroids thoroughly so you have to make sure you ask for more than just a tsh test, blood sugar, nutrient deficiencies, heart problems, and every thing that can possibly cause symptoms that cause anxiety attacks.  If all that checks out and you have suddenly developed a chronic anxiety attack problem, at the level you have it see a psychiatrist and talk antidepressants.  You'll have to keep taking that benzo until they kick in and your find one that works.  Then find a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment and get to work.  But again, when someone as old as you are gets a new mental illness, it does happen, but it isn't common, and so you want to take a deep dive into your life and see what might have triggered it.  In addition to the physiological problems that can cause this stuff and medication that can cause it -- you'd be surprised at how many meds can cause anxiety attacks, including steroidal meds, antibiotics, and many many more -- great stress or loss can trigger it.  For example, covid is driving lots of people into conditions they never had.  These are things to look at.  All the best.  
And this is an old post, if you make a new one more people are likely to see it and offer support.
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