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Mirtazapine withdrawal + Lexapro

I have panic disorder with General anxiety.
I had taken mirtazapine 45mg and I think 60mg at one point over 10 years.
Due to a big relapse of major daily panic attacks and severe nausea a Psychiatrist changed me over to  escalitopran but left me on 7.5mg of mirtazapine for sleep.

For approx 3 years I've been on 20mg of  escalitopran  and 7.5mg of mirtazapine but doctors keep asking to remove the mirtazapine. Lately I have been quite Nausea each day and wondering if its the two drugs interacting?
I am now trying to remove the mirtazapine and cut the 7.5mg cold turkey and was awake all night not having it and severe panic attacks in the night and during the day with severe nausea.  So now Im trying to take a 1/4 tablet of mirtazapine which is approx 3.75mg.
How should I go about this? I do have a doctor appointment booked as I think withdrawal is already an issue.

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The package label says "Do not stop taking this medicine abruptly" so you should have asked your doc about how to taper off it. Your pharmacist can help if you haven't seen your doctor yet.
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