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New Method for Anxiety???

I found out about this new thing called the wim hof method from a friend who says it changed his health for the best and so i want to give it a try. As far as I'm concerned ive got nothing to lose so lets see what happens. Anyone else tried this for there anxiety and health? And has it worked?
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If you're talking about his breathing methods, I don't see how that would hurt.  High anxiety can sometimes be attributed to O2 or CO2 levels being off-kilter.  Good breathing techniques are always a good thing!

I would just caution you to be wary of any program that says it can "cure" anxiety, and/or people can kill their anxiety without pills.  Anxiety can't be cured, and for some people, medication can be a very effective tool.

Good luck!
mele48 do you know what method she is talking about?  I'll try anything. I have so much anxiety
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What is this method.  I have extreme anxiety and feel short of breath.  Almost drove myself to the ER because i felt I couldnt breathe.
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