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OCD intrusive music

If someone can please help me out that would mean a lot. I’ve been having intrusive music in my head. I do have OCD and anxiety and this symptom started a few months ago. it’s whenever my minds isn’t concentrating on something the song starts playing without me realizing and it’s so frustrating. it’s not actually hearing music it’s my subconscious like when you have a song stuck in your head but I woke up one morning after a stressful situation and it started and has barely stopped sometimes I don’t notice it during the day but as soon as I wake up it is happening and all different songs. I would like to know if anyone has had this happene before and if and how it can go away. please no negative comments I don’t need any more anxiety. thanks
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Many people get music stuck in their head. You would have to talk to a professional if you feel it is a problem that won't stop and is interfering with your normal life.
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What are you doing to treat your anxiety?  Who diagnosed you?  It would seem if you're in therapy or under treatment for this and diagnosed by a professional and not yourself that this might be unusual but is still an intrusive thought just as obsessing over anxious thoughts is and so would seem to be amenable to at least some mitigation if you have learned relaxation techniques for your anxiety.  How long has this been going on for?  Is it music you recognize or have listened to recently?  Are you more stressed right now than usual?  Sometimes finding a trigger for an increase in symptoms can help you try to relax a bit, sometimes not.
Thanks for the response. My therapist did but because of insurance reasons I can’t see her anymore :( right now I’m just doin yoga here and there and natural supplements. Do you think it’s continueing because I’m obsessing over it?
When it comes to anxiety, who knows?  But probably, yes.  I would ask, what supplements are you taking?  Are they working?  Did you know something about it or did you consult a naturopath or herbalist or other practitioner (and I know, they never take insurance)?  I'm asking because some supplements can cause increased anxiety sometimes just as antidepressants can.  It will go away if you stop them.  So just wondering if this new intrusive thought might have started about the time you started a supplement, as they aren't the easiest thing to do for oneself -- usually requires a lot of trial and error and a combination of remedies and therapy and lifestyle changes -- a holistic approach.  So again, just wondering.
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