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Off rythm heart beats and being short of breath all day

Hi so I used to be a member here and forgot my log in stuff so had to create a new one .
But just a remember I have had every single test known to man kind in my heart about six months ago and was told there is nothing wrong with my heart at all.
But I still have the crazy crazy symptoms and today I have sat in the hospital parking lot alll day long I do that a lot I feel safe in the hospital parking lot .
But for the past few days I’ve been very very short of breath all day long like all day long and my heart goes crazy when I’m standing and walking around it beats fast around 120 beats per minute and it feels off rythm again and feels off beat and it just goes crazy like super crazy but I know If I got into the er it’s just gonna be the same routine I go all the time they will do a ekg blood work and say everything is fine and send me on my way but I’m freaking out please someone respond and help
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You're having an anxiety attack, or let me say, it sounds like that's what's happening given you've had your heart tested a lot and nothing has been found.  You're also posting on an anxiety forum, so I'm guessing you know this.  So let me ask, what are you doing as far as treatment for your anxiety?  Are you in therapy?  Learning any relaxation techniques?  Do you have people you can talk to when you feel like this?  A long time ago I read an interesting comment from an anxiety therapist that said, okay, you're having an anxiety attack, put your feet up and relax, it'll go away.  Now, I'm not someone who actually believes that now or believed it then, it's really hard to do when you're in the middle of an anxiety attack, but it does give you a way of looking at it.  So again, as it appears you don't have a heart problem, you need a different approach, and so, what have you done to seek help for your anxiety?
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I should add, do you exercise?  Do you have things to do in your life that you become absorbed in?  If you do that, or let's say when you typed this post, did it alleviate your anxiety even for a bit?  Did your heart settle down even for a bit?  
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