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One sided facial tingling from stress and anxiety?

I've been having facial tingling for 2 weeks on/off. One time in just on of my fingers too.
All of it on the left side of my body.

I know I'm a chronic hyperventilator.

Could this be just from stress and anxiety? Even though it's one sided?

I've got other symptoms too.. Like myoclonic jerks, twitching and random muscle pains.
Seeing a neuro in 3 weeks.
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Gosh, sorry no one answered yet!  So anxiety is super strange in how it can show up in someone.  I wouldn't say it is common to have one sided facial tingling from it but hey, we are all different.  I think what IS common though is feeling all sorts of sensations and making them into more than they usually are.  Tingling is usually something to do with a nerve.  In your face, this could be something related to your teeth, ear or sinuses.  I see you are seeing a neurologist.  That's a good plan.  Stress can make EVERYTHING worse in my opinion.  Since you are a chronic hyperventilator, do you suffer anxiety regularly or have a history of it at all?
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