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Overstimulated - Panic or normal?

Has anyone ever experienced overstimulation from being around two people talking to you (grandson and me playing on iPad and mother playing on her iPad and both asking you questions about the games they are playing) TV on loud because mom can’t hear well and others are in the house?  Then my daughter gets on speakerphone to talk with someone loudly. I felt so overwhelmed that I had to take my grandson to another room and calm down. Felt so much better afterwards.
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Not completely sure what your question is about.  Do you suffer panic attacks at other times, is that the concern?  There really isn't anything called "normal."  It's a generalization but for any particular individual mileage may vary, so to speak.  We all have our differences.  Some people are comfortable multi-tasking and others aren't.  Some people love cacophony and others like calm and quiet.  Not knowing you, we don't know what you're usually like, so we can't know if this is just who you are or this was different and frightening to you.  Personally, this situation from the sound of it would drive most of us nuts.  So the real question when it comes to anxiety is, does this happen often, or was this just one moment in your life where you needed more peace and quiet than was available?
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I think it is very easy to get overwhelmed by noise and chaos.  Absolutely.  This happens to me as a movie ends at our house. The music during the credits starts playing SO loud and everyone is talking and I have my little freak out moment where I blurt 'turn down the tv!".  Because I legitimately can't think and it's just sensory overload.  Do you have anxiety at any other time?
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Mom, my wife is just like that.  She's constantly turning the sound down when music starts playing because it's so much louder than the talking.  She also can't handle multi-tasking very well, whereas I can.  Folks are just different.
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