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i was lookin in my hedge to find out of place branches and leaves sticking out and cut them when i notice on the ground in the hedge was a pack of half emptied cigarettes. i picked them up and looked at them and it seemed as if the top was ripped off and shredded possibly from some kind of animal. i have no idea where the cigs came from. i then pulled out some of the cigarettes by the butt and looked at them to see if they had been used or messed with. i put the pack back down and thought to myself that it could of been from a wild animal of some sort or possibly a rodent and decided to was my hands by pouring rubbing alcohol on it. i dont recall of any cuts on my hands but i wanted to be safe. is it possible that a rabid animal licked or put its mouth on the tip of one of the cigarettes and then got on my skin and could possibly effect me? i know the chances are probably slim but i want to be safe. the cigarettes were not bitten nor had any wet saliva on it. if there was any it would of been dried up. please reply asap thank you.
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no chance. you are fine =).
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I agree!  I pick up things all the time in my yard that wild animals have chewed on with no problems. You need to actually get bitten by a wild animal that has rabies to get infected.  You have no worries, although why bother looking thru trash found in your yard...just get rid of it.  I wear garden gloves when working in the yard, doing this may make you feel better.
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you should prob see your doc just to be sure even touching dead animals can cause diseases to spread
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There is no chance for disease to spread from a chewed up pack of cigs. My cat had his tail chewed up pretty bad by another animal and I fixed him up with some anti bacterial and gauze and we were both fine. Granted he has rabies shots but you have to be bitten to get rabies. As far as dead animals with disease, a dead animal couldn't chew on a pack of cigarettes so no threat there.
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