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Panick/anxiety attacks

CAn i ask has anyone ever applied for social security disability and got it ? I have worked at this company for 8 hrs and been out due to anxiety and panick attacks for 6 mons . I just went back to work the other day to try it and i couldnt do it it was so horrible i tried i really did .I had to take ativan to make it for 6 hrs at work and then came home very sick, well u know how it is . Well they told me  that being that i was out for 6 mons i have reached my limit with my leave and they have a ruling you have to work for 2 whole weeks  14 consecutive work days inc days off befor u are concidered active employee and can go back out on another leave otherwise they terminate you  so i couldnt do it and they have terminated me now i have no insurance or anything im just devestated ..They owe me back pay which im entitled to vac and sick days  but still i have no job due to these anxiety attacks other than looking into working from home i thought about ss disability .. im 52 years old and have worked since i was 16.. but i still feel bad  about applying but i have a high school student and a son in college  all the financial responsibilities ..
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I applied and got it. I can't leave my house alone,and if I do leave my husband has to be with me. It would be kinda hard for hime to go to work with me. When I appled I thought it was just a temp thing, that I would get over my anxiety and go back to work. I had lots of medical records from family dr., therapist, ER visits, and I spent some time in the psyc unit. I do know some ppl who has tried and couldn't get it. I got it the first time I applied. I guess they thought I was really crazy. I wish you the best of luck.
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EVERYONE with bona-fide, genuine, medically determined panic who is unable to work qualifies for disability.

The trick is, "jumping through the hoops" with Social Security. It is all about how you apply, what you say. And the answers can be found in a dense work of government-speak known as "The Appendicies of Social Security" which contains all the key words to trigger the disability payments. Available at university and larger libraries everywhere. Trust me, the desk librarian will know exactly what you need to do -you can tell by the well worn path through the stacks. The fact that you may be turned down the first or second time doesn't matter -you keep at it until the peas don't touch the mashed potatoes anymore and the Social Security reviewer finally gives it the OK.

It can be enormously helpful to have the assistance of a psychiatrist who knows the ropes, and obviously, an up-to-date file of your medical history, charts and other artifacts of medical assessment is KEY. And there are people ON disability who specialize in the magic words and spells that make things happen at Social Security, some do it for a fee, some do it for the pure pleasure of it.

But the answer is: YES YOU CAN.
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I know of individuals who have been denied after the first time and even 2nd time. WIth help from your Dr. continue to reapply. Persistence is very important in this matter. Good luck!!

Hang in there!

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I went out on disability for my neck, but also have severe agoraphobia.  The judge asked me whether I wanted to go out for my physical disability or my mental.  My physical was the most prominent.  Later I heard that for psychological disability like panic and agoraphobia that it only lasts a short time (either 1 year or 2) and if you're not over your panic/agoraphobia you are out of luck..  I'm not sure if this is true anymore, but I do know you can get it, just don't know for how long.  Good luck.  Everyone is right in that you have to keep applying because I think they turn everyone down at least one time.
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Thanks so much, I will try as i truley cannot work maybe if i get them controlled I will gladly go back to work as i am a people person .. Maybe all i need it a temp thing as well . If my job would have been more understanding i think i could have worked through this but they said rules and rules I work for the home shopping network called QVC  im in the customer service dept.. I have 8 years with them with utimatley a spottless employee file . Having all kinds of vacation and paid time coming to me you one would have thought they could have been more understanding but i have to work 14 consecutive days after coming off a medical leave thats upsurd!!! They wouldnt even let me come back like 4 hrs a day for a week or so then get back to 8 hrs a day no they said there rule is work your full shift for 14 consecutive days.. and rules and rules they cannot break them..
Thanks for all your answers
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