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Paxil & High Blood Pressure

Has anyone had high blood pressure caused from the anxiety medication Paxil?

I have read and heard that it can cause high blood pressure, but I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with it.  

I have taken Paxil for 2 years and I have high blood pressure.  I was just wondering if the high blood pressure could be caused from the Paxil.
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People can react differently to different types of medication and blood pressure is affected by so many different factors.  For me, being on an SSRI like Paxil, it actually lowers my BP in the long run (I guess maybe it helps with my anxiety and thus lowers it).  Have you changed your diet?  Do you exercise?  Ageing can also play a role in it as well.  Another factor for me, is when I get it taken at a doc's office it is sky high because I am nervous about being there but at home it is normal.  What does your doctor say?

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High blood pressure is not listed as a side effect of Paxil, but anything's possible.  Have you addressed this with your prescribing doctor?  I wouldn't want to be on something that is raising your blood pressure as it's very dangerous and quiet in causing damage to major organs.  Nor do I think if the high BP is a result of the Paxil that you should take  medication to control the high BP.  I think a good talk with your doctor is warranted and go from there.
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I consulted my prescribing doctor and it was basically blown off.  That is when I was prescribed the high blood pressure medicine.  I am 21 years old and to the best of my knowledge I don't have any other causes of high blood pressure (I have had some tests run).  I found some information online saying that Paxil caused their blood pressure to raise, but I am assuming it only happened in a small number of people.  
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Ive been on paxil for bout a yr. And ive noticed a raise in my already high Blood pressure...sure would like to find out.....
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Barely started taking paroxetine, x 3 days and yes, I've had my blood pressure rise. I was told it takes time for the body to adjust but I also take BP medication. It actually raised it quite a bit!
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