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Questions about Klonopin (Clonazepam) withdrawal

Hi all!
I have been taking Klonopin daily for the past 7 months. My tolerance for it has DEFINITELY increased, and it kind of feels like I'm withdrawing from it while still on it- if that makes sense.

I've been experiencing really high rebound anxiety - far from my "normal" anxiety. Weird, intrusive, OCD-like thoughts, etc.

Is this possible with increased tolerance?
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I would call my pharmacist. Or maybe see the person who prescribed it f you aren't satisfied with the pharmacist's answer.
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It's called tolerance -- it's basically when your benzo or other med stops working for you.  With a benzo, you can take more and keep taking more, but it is an addictive drug.  You don't say how much you're taking -- it might be a very low dos too low for your metabolism.  You also don't state if you tried therapy or an antidepressant.  I would talk to my psychiatrist, and if it's recommended you stop the drug, make sure it's a slow taper off that suits you, not some generalized schedule.
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I  figured! I just mean is it normal to experience new/worsening anxiety while still on it? I also just started celexa and that's when they started. Psychiatrist put me on BuSpar, which I've been trying to get for a while. No bad effects from it. I take .25mg of Klonopin 3x daily but I'm starting slow by reducing my evening dose first. I'm in therapy and have gone through many ADs to no avail. Have a feeling Prozac was working but not enough
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I'm tapering off Klonopin myself.  Used daily for 8 months before I started taper.  I've been tapering since May and am only down 25% off my original dose.  It has been getting increasingly harder.  I've been experiencing all the same things you have.  I'm also on lexapro which isn't helping.  Not everyone has trouble coming off.  My personal suggestion is to start a taper now if you are having tolerance withdrawals.  Good luck and go as slow as you need to.
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I just read through your other posts.  It's as if you wrote my story.  Lexapro worked well for me twice in the past.  The past 1 1/2 years or so I've been on the med go round.  No ADs helping.  I've been back on lexapro since last December but it doesn't work now.
Your experience may seem the same, but that doesn't mean they are related, since you are 2 different people and meds affect everyone individually. Just saying recoveringyogi shouldn't compare anecdotal evidence and think it will prove anything about his situation.
If only it was simple. But it isn't because only the sufferer can figure how he is feeling, which isn't easy to sort out with anxiety muddling the thought process.
I'm sorry to hear! I'm tapering now. I was able to cut out .25mg because Effexor made me so numb so it was a good time to attack! Meds are tricky. My only problem is ruminative anxiety/GAD but this is a whole nother level of ridiculous. Last time I tried to taper off, I got suicidal "intrusive thoughts." I've never been suicidal, either. Just anxious.
Same here.  Anxiety has always been my issue but tapering Klonopin has brought about some ugly intrusive thoughts.  It's not us, it's the medicine.
Wow! Thank you so much. It's apparently very normal when coming off of an AD or Benzo. I'm on day 4 of my taper and it's not too bad. Stomach upsets and mild morning rebound anxiety. I take .25mg 3x daily so I'm cutting the evening dose first. I'm reducing by 1/8 of a .5mg tablet (too lazy to do the math again.) Not too bad. I have gone in between .25mg once daily and 1mg daily.
Everyone is different. I usually stabilize after 2 weeks, maximum. :)
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