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Reused Needles or Accidentally Pick up the wrong needle

Hi everyone,

I was admitted in hospital, the nurse use the closed iv cateter system, nurse set up the needle in front of me and went outside, i dont know what she take from outside, and start to take my blood,

My question theres a safety features for closed iv cateter system not to reused to someone? Do i need to worry to catch any blood orne diseases?

Thank you
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I was thingking nurse go outside and put the needle in the table and when she returned to take my needle she accidentally take the other needle that used already to someone else, do you think im in hiv risk here
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"I was thinking nurse ....returned to take my needle she accidentally take the other...."
That didn't happen so you need to forget about needle fears. The nurse knows how to do her job and you don't, so it is best to stop worrying and enjoy your life instead.
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Can you give me advice how to deal with my anxiety? Im always dealing with these kind of fear, during or after my labworks, it is very hard, my anxiety is killing me
Then you have an anxiety problem, not a used needle problem.  If it only happens about labwork, that's a phobia.  If you have anxiety about a lot of things and not just this, then it's a different anxiety problem.  To deal with it, find a psychologist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety and enter into therapy so you can figure out perhaps why this makes you irrationally anxious and more importantly methods of how to stop this kind of thinking.
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