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Sad and Depressed. No one :(

Im really depressed and I have anxiety, I already told my mom and she told me theres nothing I can do. I tried to commit sucide but I'm still here, My mom knows and really didn't do anything all she said was nothing. That was a month ago, I have NO friends and at me school EVERY kid is so mean to me. I made a poster one time with my name on it and asked my teach if I could hang it up and she said yes so I did, the next day later it was riped down torn up. The kid HATE me, I'm really cool, IDK why their like that to me. I have no one and My mom has new bf and she doesn't even spend time with me anymore and I ask her shes says, "I don't want to entertain you and go do something else beside bug me" I cry everday. Even my bros don't want 2 either all I have is my cat and me and her have a CLOSE bond. I'll I need is to get out of this world. FOREVER :( but the only thing I would take If I try again is my cat I would leave without her.
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Oh hun I'm so sorry to hear you going thru this. Anxiety and depression is something hard to deal with I know. But you have to try now to find things that can make you happy and smile. People could be very mean and they don't know how it could effect a persons life. But even though I don't know you u can easy god has made it so that u could love you even though I don't know you. I care and I'm here if you need to talk it just someone to listen. Life can fr great and its waiting for you to live it. What do you like to do for fun?? I'm here for you hun.
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If your mother is not going to get you some help then go to your school counselor and make SURE they understand how depressed and anxious your feeling. If you were my daughter I would get you into a day treatment program right away so you could get seen daily for a few weeks by a therapist and doctor and trained staff who can help you and monitor you. It sounds like you need med's and therapy. Don't take no for an answer. If you get no help from the school counselor then call your local police of protective services. If your mother is not going to take you serious someone will. Suicide is no joke and I would not want you to consider it as an option ... things WILL get better. We have to believe that!

Keep your head up .. I have been in your shoes. High school is hell but it will pass let me assure you! Those who are teasing you now are NOT going to have the last laugh. Honestly the only time they will 'shine' will be in high school. When the reality of life on the outside world hits them they will get a cold taste of reality bites! I know .. I went to school with a bunch of bullies too! They are older now and guess what??  They are TOTAL losers! Talk about Karma  =)  

Hang in there girl .. your not alone many many more are suffering with you .. you may not see them all but they are out there. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help .. someone does care and love you and will help you find the help you need.

Good luck!
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Hi I have suffered very severely with anxiety which really goes hand in hand with depression, you need to see your doctor who will put you on a low dose of anxiety medication,this will start to work within a few weeks and you will feel so much better, Anxiety and depression are an illness and 1 in 3 people will suffer from them at some time in there lifetime, it's actually a lack of serotonin in the brain and needs to be dealt with medically and you will be surprised how quickly you will feel better, As for the school things I know it doesn't help right now but we all go through this try and find new friendships join clubs or start a hobby like horse riding don't sit on the computer all the time a little is ok but just getting out for fresh air even in the garden with your cat will lift you're mood, if you need to talk I'm here. Claire. PS you can talk to you're cat about anything and they never judge you or gossip about you. X
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