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Severe anxiety

I am 45 year old diagnosed w severe anxiety on 7/2/2022
I had a massive panic attack right arm fell asleep during sleep woke up on panic who body got numb mouth dry high flight or fight response went to er.. all tests good ct scan good.. blood and urine tests good… heart tests good.. doc said you have extreme anxiety and gave me benzodiazepines..not Xanax… don’t wanna get hooked have anxiety everyday tight muscles in face always think I am going to die… get attacks everyday.. mind racing w thoughts… any suggestions….
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Besides therapy and medications, trying to do things to keep your mind occupied helps a lot. Try having hot tea in the am or at night, go walking outside and get fresh air, even have a fan on during the day. I find a little music in the background during the day or at night helps keep the mind calm. Take things slow. The best thing is to realize that it’s alright to be anxious and take it as it comes.
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Eastern techniques are good at combating anxiety. Want to shrink the amygdala, and brain scans have shown these techniques work to strengthen an area of the brain that decides if one will react emotionally or rationally to a situation. Strengthening that part (it becomes bigger on MRI scans) gives one the control which in turn helps weaken anxiety. Need to do these things for about 3 months to see results. They aren't instant, but over time they slowly work.

Mindfulness Meditation, or one of the mindfulness motion exercises, such as Qi-Gong, Tai-Chi, therapeutic yoga, etc.

There's an app called Headspace which used to have a series of wonderful short animated videos explaining the concepts behind Mindfulness Meditation.  I think some of the videos are available on YouTube, though I wish the whole set of them were available.  There's numerous other Meditation apps. Possibly a meditation group in your area (Check if there are any Buddhist churches, they love doing meditation.)

For a beginner, try a one minute mindfulness meditation break: focus your attention to the present moment, and when your mind wanders (which it will), gently bring focus back to the present moment. Goal would be to slowly increase that time up to 15 minutes. Then do once a day for 15 minutes for 2 months. Should notice some results by then.
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I Have anxiety 22 years panhc disorder i take Diazepam TID, its mo fun thank god Diazepam helps
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Is diazeam harder to have prescribed these days? I know a lot of docs try to get away from it. It is supposed to work well. My son has brutal ocd and anxiety. I wish he could take it but am afraid of his then having dependence and needing a higher and higher dose. He's young at 18. I'm glad it has worked for you. any down side to it for you?
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Hi there,

I was in the exact same spot as you 12 years ago. I went to a handful of mental health specialists. Therapists and paychiatrists. I was able to come out the other side of this dark tunnel, and so will you. It will take time, but you will make it out.

I suggest you see a mental health professional to see what the root cause of your anxiety and see a psychiatrist to places on medications that help you with the anxiety.

I was out on zoloft and it helped. I was also given benzos at an ER visit. Utilize them when the panic attacks get severe. I was scared if getting addicted too, but one day I realized that if I use the medication when needed and prescribed there won't be a problem.

You will get through this.
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Thanks soo much… glad I am not the only one… am on a benzo as I said when needed… anxiety can really mess you up with everything in your body…. It’s scary stuff…. But I have to remember it’s only anxiety
That’s a really good point. It can mess us up but at the end of the day it’s anxiety and we fortunately have lots of ways of addressing it now.

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