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Shool phobia

My 11 yr old daughter has a school phobia, it started last year, but she wasn't that bad until the new school year started this August, I'm so confused & sad about this whole situation, I informed the school, even got her a councelor, but I don't think there taking it seriously ..if anyone could give me some advice I'd really appreciate it
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Have you had a heart-to-heart talk with your daughter to try to pin down anything specifically that she thinks is causing her feelings?  Otherwise, I would advise professional counseling, but with someone outside of her school for an unbiased approach.  
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Some children just plain hate school. One of my four did and I disliked school as well, but not as badly as my daughter. This is not abnormal. We are all creatures with different tastes. My daughter and I have turned out to be the most successful people in our six-person family.

that being said, it could be that something occurred at school that produced this attitude. Can you change her school?
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This often happens with a new school.  It usually passes.  I went through it, it passed.  Some of us just take longer to get used to change at times.  Hopefully this is all it is.
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