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Sickness and Anxiety

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has anxiety when they are sick. Specifically, if one has a cold or the flu does the physical toll make you anxious.
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This obviously depends on the person.  Sometimes it's artificially relaxing to be sick because it takes away everything else you worry about because you're too sick to care.  Focus is everything with anxiety, so if your focus is on something other than your anxious thoughts, you're less anxious.  But if you get scared every time you're sick that it's something worse than it is, if your anxiety fixates on illness, you'd get more anxious.  People are different.
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Hey Paxiled, I hope you are doing well. I find myself looking at the same question 5 years later dealing with the same issue. Getting over the flu here and I worry myself that my symptoms a week later are anxiety related and not flu at all (mimicking of GI issues of stomach ache, nausea, dry heaves). Becomes a pretty circular thought that becomes what if it never gets better. I guess I hold onto that equilibrium I try to maintain when feeling alright that it throws me through a loop when in a spot of weakness. You are spot on about fixation though. Keeping busy helps.
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