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Strange Sensations

Can stress cause facial numbness or tingling?  And what about a strange sensation that something is crawling in your head?  I like to call them creepy crawly sensations.   I have been a bit under the weather and I have noticed that when I stress out I get these strange symptoms which make me very uncomfortable.  I even get awaken in my sleep by body spasms!  Is this normal?
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The facial numbness or tingling, I've not heard of, so you might want to get checked out for that.
But the muscle spasms, yes they can be a symptom of anxiety. As Anxiety makes people all tense quite often. I think you should go to the doctors sometime to get checked out.

- John -
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hi i read you concern and just look up symptoms for anxiety and it give you a list. and yes see your doctor and every day yes you will get better ok.
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