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I am trying out the Susan Jeffers, "Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway" approach to anxiety, among many others, power of now, mindfullness etc, but anyhow, She states that positive affirmations can change your thinking even if you don't believe them, that your body will believe what your mind says (and we all know that is so from anxiety attacks) so it makes sense to me.
She says to tape around your world so you see them often, little affirming notes; I'll handle it, I am powerful and loving, I am strong, etc.
I do better when i am accountable so wonder if anyone wants to take this on with me and check in in a few days to see if we notice anything. Any takers????
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Would love to try this out with you! It sounds like a wonderful idea. When are you going to begin? I will go to the Dollar store later and grab some sticky notes and let you know the affirmations that I post etc.
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cool, i'll make some up tomorrow and let you know what mine say. Did you get to the library??
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