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I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Chaukah, Kwanzaa, Muharram, Winter Solstice or simply a happy day if you celebrate nothing in particular. If I've left anyone out, I apologize and it's due to ignornace of your traditions, not intentional.

What I wish for everyone in the New Year is mental and emotional peace, good health, happiness and hope.

Warmly and with love,
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I second that!  May you all have a peaceful, anxiety free day, spent with those who matter most!

Hugs to you all!!!
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Nollaig shona daoibh from Ireland.
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Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit

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Is cailín álainn atá inti GreenLydia. ( That is something nice, I swear ) Learning our language and all. Good on you.
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Go raibh maith agat!

(Tá mé ólta!)

mmmeryy kresmess (hiccup) Derek
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Wow gom e leisceal!!! Linda I am impressed! Hope you are having a wonderful christmas, we have a lovely white christmas here in Ireland, lol, Sharon XXXXX
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It's bleeden freezing Sunset. LOL. Just been out for a walk. Or a skate more like. It is meant to stay that way for a while too. Few weeks. Suppose it could be worse. Others have it far worse than we do. We get away lightly.

Lydia on the auld booze again. Sure why not. Warm the insides up. You deserve it for your gaelic speaking. One drink for every gaelic word. LOL.
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I'll raise a glass to whatever the h*** you guys are saying.  Gaelic is it now?

I used to use an online translator when communicating with folks from other countries...but somehow it never quite came out right.

It is low 60s here in sunny Orlando.  Was rainy for Christmas..well for 30 minutes:).

You can hate me now!
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Hope you had an awesome Merry Christmas!
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Hope your day was a happy and peacful one, and here hopes you have a great New Year.......mwah xxx
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