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Terrible hangovers lasting 7+ days

Hey, guys, I am scared for my life, so I need to share this with you. I have problem with long and horrible hangovers and I've stopped drinking because of this, but a week ago I drank a glass of beer, because I thought it was safe. I've had these terrible hangover symptoms for 7 days and I still have them. My heart beats much faster than it should, I feel dizzy and useless, I have a headache, I am so horrified that this will never end and I have massive panic attacks. I talked to my therapist and she told me it's all because of my anxiety disorder, but it is not. It is because of the beer AND my anxiety disorder just makes it worse. Today I woke up with really fast and strong heart rate and for a moment I got really strong pain in the heart. I am so horrified and I need to know that everything is gonna be okay... I don't wanna die but I feel like it will never and and I am scared that it will kill me.
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Your therapist is right.  Alcohol and anxiety don't go together well for most of us.  Alcohol makes us feel disoriented and that's how we feel when we get really anxious, so it triggers all the things we feel when we're anxious.  Pot does the same thing for most of us.  Stop drinking, it isn't working for you,  but it's not the alcohol per se, it's the trigger of the feelings you get when you're anxious.  Listen to your therapist.
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