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There is always hope

Im a 37 yrs male, single, jobless for a couple of years, been passing through tremendous stress lately.
A couple of months ago, i became kind of hypochondriac, till i got my first anxiety attack, and i was rushed to ER, where they did EKG, and blood tests and everything was normal.
It was when i decided to quit smoking, and passed through the whole withdrawal syndromes.
Anxiety attacks after then were on a daily basis, and they all ended up to become nasty panic attacks, where i was rushed twice to doctors, that did ekg and everything was ok, ordered some blood tests, had high rbc and high hemoglobin ,due to smoking, i had to donate some blood to level up, something that has been adding pressure on my head.
Did all sorts of tests, but all came out normal.
For a month this is how i felt:
Foggy head
Chocking feeling in my throat
Pressure on my chest
Dry mouth
Low pressure
Detachment from reality.
Was and am always scared that something is wrong with me.
I visited  a  neurologist 10 days ago, and he diagnosed me with chronic anxiety, leading to depression.
He put me on xanax, 3 times a day, 0.125 mg, 0.125 mg, and 0.25 mg ( morning, afternoon and night) and zelax 10 mg once a day.
Things have been better a bit, as im not getting my anxiety attacks very frequently.
I suffered a major one a couple of days ago, as i was in a kind of a public  , and i felt as if i am collapsing, but i tried my best to hold myself, for it not to be a panic attack, as i didnt know anyone there. And it passed. So i thought, that those anxiety attack will happen, but it is up to us to feed it for them to become panic attacks.
The worst i feel is in the morning, pressure in my head, foggy head, dry mouth, lightheadedness and dizziness.
Suffered one today, when was at home, and in the midst of it, i decided to go out, which i did, and was like, whatever has to happen is going to happen, whether i like it or not. And it stayed with me for about 15 mins, but passed.
Came home, took my blood pressure, and it was good.
Us who have anxiety, will always have it, but we have to control the severity of it. Easier said than done, i know.
And even if it goes away, it will leave a scar. Lets think of it as a tough lesson we need to learn.
I am lying down now, writing this, there are some things we cant change, but we can limit them.
Anxiety and depression are silent killers, if we let them be.
The most important thing as well, is dont try to tough it out alone, talk to someone you trust, and someone you feel comfortable with, and someone who is willing to listen, even if you have to spend hours talking, cray if you have to and want to....
I personally, visited no therapist, just a neurologist who prescribed my meds. And im talking to my best friend about all what is going on with me.
I hope this helps, and makes some of you out there feel better.
Msg me, or reply to my post if u want to share your exp, update...

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