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Think i will go back to ativan

My dr switched from ativan to xanax on thurs,i have felt ill since and im thinking i might go back to ativan,but i have already taking a xanax this morning 1/2 mg at 430 am and 1/2 mg at 7 am,,,i was suppose tot ake a whole one,wondering how long i hould wait to try a ativan...any idess,my legs are week and i feel like i couold pass out but i get this way,but never week legs im kinda scared but was in ER yesterday and the old gripey dr told me its all emoional
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I would definitely question your doctor as to why he switched you from Ativan to Xanax! While both meds are meant to be used for the short term and preferrably on an "as needed" basis, the Ativan is the better choice, in my humble and totally unqualified opinion. Both carry risks, but Xanax, while it definitely has it's place in the world of anxiety, should be a last choice option, once again in my humble opinion. You need to use these meds with caution, but the Xanax comes with a much stronger warning.
Your doctor should know this and he owes you an explanation regarding his decision.
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I agree with greenlydia I would go back and ask your doctor why the
switch to Xanax?
How were you on ativan?

All the best
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