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This weird.....crawling/trembling feeling under my skin?

Hiya guys, hope people have been well :), i think I'm finally on a calmer outlook which I've been happier for!. New glasses have helped my eyesight, lowered dosage of Citalopram from 20mg to 10mg which I'll be starting tomorrow.

A small question for this time round, more of a lil bother i think. Been having some odd like sensations, felt like this...crawling..trembling...and weird rippling like effect that can travel either down my legs after being active, or when i first wake in the morning going down my arms and all over.

Is this something to put down to the list of annoying ups n downs of antidepressants?
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eh, doctors visit for me, provided I don't have to run to ER first because I panic so much, starting to feel nauseous and sick :(
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I'm hoping someone might have had this, it feels like a common thing with anxiety and depression :/

Been driving me mad all day today and last night, mostly been in my legs, feels like i have bugs under my skin and constant tingles....i was active yesterday and the day before, did smoke weed (but very little when a friend came over)

I don't wanna have to go to the docs again :(
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