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Throat will tighten when I try to swallow

Every now and then when I go to lay down for bed I'll swallow and sometimes my throat tightens up and I have to sit up really fast so I can swallow and it's starting to worry me. Not sure what's going on. Should I see a doctor ?
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It's always a good idea to see your doctor when new symptoms present themselves.  Since you posted in an anxiety community, I'm assuming you either have a history of anxiety, or are suspecting that perhaps the throat symptoms could be attributed to anxiety?  Or both?

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This happens to me frequently when I'm having problems with anxiety. Sometimes severe anxiety can result in the muscle functions in your esophagus to do strange things. Its very common in anxiety patients. To put your mind at ease mention it to your PCP. At minimum see if you can get some relief from your anxiety. If the swollowing issue dissipates with treatment then you will know :)
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