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Understanding This (Panic Attack enduced PVCS)

Maybe It's my paranoia, but I've posted a series of questions on the same topic, and nobody seems to get it. Even my doctor is a bit confused, as is my therapist.

I've posted a ton of questions about my situation hoping to get newer answers:




The heart rhythm section is full of individuals who have the same problem as me, but they're under the impression that it never goes away, although it has for some, and hasn't for some. But the reason it hasn't for some very well could be that they got them for different reasons as me and haven't been able to find that right combination of logic, analyzation, hypothesis, and experimenting.

I refuse to give up finding what caused my pvcs, and how to stop them, simply because they didn't happen before all this anxiety crap. And no, they didn't suddenly come on. Thinking back on everything that has happened, since I now have a clearer head, these pvcs started after my first panic attack, which left me totally drained of all energy, sick, weak, and nauseated.

It was after that event that I was introduced to the wonderful experience (pardon my sarcasm) of what have been called "heart palpitations," "Extrasystoles" "PVCS" "PACS." Doesn't matter. They all give me pretty much the same effect.

Palpitations would refer to the thudding heartbeat.

PVC would refer to the strong contracting of the heart from the bottom ventricals filling up with a larger amount of blood

PAC would refer to the strong contracting of the heart from the top atria.

Needless to say, I've experience all of these throughout this 3 month hell hole of a situation I've been in, which all started with my mind running crazy thinking because of my morbid obesity, I was gonna drop dead at any minute of a heart attack because it happened to my friend.  

So I developed anxiety/panic disorder, and started having panic attacks. The panic attacks seemed to trigger my heart events. I came to that conclusion after they started diminishing after my first panic attack, and then came back full force when I had my second one.

Keep in mind, I don't have to feel anxious to get them, or feel them strongly. Right now, I feel calm, and relaxed, and I'm still getting them pretty strong, although they're not as strong as they were before.

I realize that anxiety/panic caused this to flare up, and now it just won't go away.

But, my thing is, with all the symptoms of anxiety, why is this one the one that lingers around, and takes forever to go away?

I don't know exactly what I did to get them to go away the first time, but they were. I dunno if it was eating the right food, or what.

I was afraid of them for a while, now they just annoy me. They're uncomfortable, they cause strange sensations in my chest, I can't trigger them, as they happen whenever the hell they feel like it.

Seems like I get some fairly weak ones, and then a strong one occurs every 5 to 10 to 20 minutes (If I'm lucky, I can go close to an hour without having a strong one.) I calm down, then the strong one hits me and I'm aroused once again. I'm still learning to just say "screw it" and try to ignore it, but it's hard. VEEEEERY hard.

The question is, what am I missing? Is it because this is a result of the anxiety being about my heart? It's more Health Anxiety than general anxiety. Or could it be something else?

I need answers. I'm seeing my doctor and therapist regularly, and both think it's all in my head, but how? How can that be when I even get them relaxing?

I'm going to see a Cardiologist in two days, but I'm afraid he isn't gonna find anything. I need an answer, and somewhat of a cure or something to at least dull these things down so I barely feel them.
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I don't think you have a good grasp of exactly how anxiety affects us.  If you have GAD it is always lurking there and causing problems, even when you don't feel there is any anxiety present. Your worrying about having a heart attack created your anxiety, and now all the worry and fear is feeding your anxiety and keeping it going strong.  We don't have to feel anxiety for it to be there, it is just worse at times making it's presence known.  For some the PVCS and PACS  go away with therapy and/or drugs, others it doesn't.  Anxiety is as different as we are as individuals.  It can create some very serious symptoms making it very difficult for us to believe that our anxuiety could cause the symptoms, but they can and do!  People will be going along just fine, feeling no
anxiety, often doing things they truly enjoy, and then BAM...a panic attack, out of nowhere!  This is how anxiety is, unpredictable.  I hope you find the answers you're looking for.
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Everyone has anxiety, but it depends on the levels, I was told.

If you're no longer afraid, and you no longer fear that fear, why do you geet the symptoms? How can you be calm and get symptoms.

I can't wrap my brain around that.
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It is very hard to understand. Ever since I had my first panic attack which was nearly 15 years ago I can pretty much take my pulse by just "feeling" my heartbeat. I am not sure if I am just aware of my body more now than before, or what. Anxiety bites! It can hit in any situation. I have told friends the best way to explain anxiety is, if someone were to give me $10 Million for free and I was experiencing a panic/anxiety attack, it wouldn't matter. You can be in the best situation ever and still fight one. It is hard, but you learn control.
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Then why is it only the symptoms and not the fear or panic?

Mainly the pvcs.
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Mammo is better with her answers. The only thing I can tell you is that there is an underlying fear of the panic.
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The weird thing with my pvcs is that my heart rate doesn't really speed up.

It's a normal rhythm, with random strong beats or squeezing, then back to normal again.
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