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Upping Lexapro Meds??

Hi everyone,

I am supposed to up my dose this Thursday of Lexapro from 7.5mg to 10mg. I just wanted some advice or your thoughts in it..
Does more Lexapro mean it works better with less problems??
Will i get any side effects from more of the dose then i am used to??
What are some bad things more of this drug can do to my body? (ie does it raise blood pressure or things like that..?)

P.S one more question on Globus Hystericus (lump in the throat, can't swallow..)

I no some of us mentioned that they are on different drugs or whatnot, like myself, I'm on Lexapro. But what other things help people with this terrible traumatic terrifying condition? I suck on Fishermans Friend (very strong mints) to help my mouth fill with saliva so i can swallow, or drink some water (helps very rarely though), has anyone else come up with there own "home remedies or shop related" that aren't drugs to help them get around this thing? I'd love to hear some new things i could try as the mints are not doing as well as they have done recently..
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Doctors will usually get you up to a dosage for maitenance of your symptoms.  For me when I adjusted the dosage of an SSRI like Lexapro, up or down, I would have a few side effects while by body adjusted to the new dose.  I am a big proponent of medications like Lexapro.  Combined with talk therapy, it can be a powerful combination to confront the problem...keep us posted!
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will i feel better on a higher dose though?
Are there any bad medical problems this drug can cause? like higher blood pressure or something?

Thanks ill keep posting...
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