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Very Strange Feelings triggered by Random Places/Smells

Hey Community,
I am experiencing something very strange!
I life my life normally and have like no problems, but sometimes i have really confusing moments. If i am walking outside and there is like a very unique smell or smth something triggers in my brain. I feel like the world opens up- i feel like a new person, undless happy, like i could just sit down and be the happiest guy on earth, really enjoying life, but i only lasts a few seconds and then i am back in my normal, grey, feel-less world. The feeling is super strange, i cant explain it or remember it longer then  a few hours. I am alwas thinkgin about what triggers those moments. Maybe someone has experienced something similar? I have a lot of panic attacs and have the fear of die ing and not existing anymore - this scare is constantly pushing me down. But when i have those moments its like the fear is complete gone from my subconciousnes for a few seconds! Those moments are very very rare, maybe 10 seconds in 2 months, sometime i can eperience them in dreams too, i can feel it the rest of the day, even after i woke up, its the most awesome feeling ever, but then its gone and the world is grey without feeligns again. Plese help!

Thanks (sry for englisch i am from germany)
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Could be the simplest thing -- if you don't think anxious thoughts, you don't have an anxiety problem.  This is the theory behind all of Eastern philosophies -- live in the present and the past and future won't bother you.  Hard to do, but that's why meditation is called "practice."  These triggers of pleasant thoughts are replacing your anxious thoughts and so you're not thinking like an anxious person for that time period.
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It sounds like the feelings of happiness are brought on by what you experience in your environment. Maybe a memory ? It's hard to make sense of it as the brain is so complex. I have had those euphoric feelings at times exp when dealing with lots of anxiety. I don't know why it happens but if it makes you happy no need to fight it.
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