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What do I have? anxiety, heart disease, adrenal gland cancer ?? long story and lost

back story, 24 male, asthma as a child but grew out of it by the time I was 13.

(please move this topic if its in the wrong section)

I do not know what I have and I am lost, my condition seems to be getting worse with time.

It all started last April, I just finished losing 27lbs for a bodybuilding competition, I still had a bad diet(would cheat and eat lots of nutella) ,   I wore a "new sweatshirt to the gym" last year April I almost blacked out in the gym, parents had to get me. (first episode of this) Symptoms happened on and off during the summer of 2014, I was still able to work out sometimes then other days I could not at all.

Last year in August I went to the gym and felt like crap, I got home and couldnt eat a chicken salad, my throat tighten and started to shake a bit. I went to the ER for/treated for heart palpitations and released(I went to my general  doctor and had a holter monitor wore for 4 weeks and they found nothing, my doctor said it was all in my head, sort of brushed me off)

From September to Jan, I was able to work out all hardcore and had no problems till the 2nd week in Jan, I had similar symptoms come back and held me up for about 2 weeks.

Over time I started to blame it on poor sleep habbits, I would have only a few hours of sleep then hit the gym (after a paper or something) Though in August I was on summer break.This past weekend I was up all night for a paper (5 hours of sleep, class and gym in the late afternoon)

my symptoms started happening about a few weeks ago (March 15th or so) Mild and I could work out on and off.

This past week(monday) I was in the ER(most serious event, we had call 911) but we ended up driving ourselves as the symptoms went away. I could barely breath, my hard would race then slow down, I had to lay face down in the back seat to beable to breath, leaning back in the chair made it worse. I felt like I was about to die. This past week I have not been able to work out at all. I went to do cardio for 10 minutes and I had to go home! My heart rate was abnormally low for cardio, it would switch between 95 and 122, normally I am a steady 125-140. my neck tighten and I got dizzy. I drove home and felt like crap. Normally I can work out for a full hour + do 40 minutes of cardio.
This past week I have not been able to do much.

Just this past hour I was cleaning my closet out and standing on my tip toes for no more than 30 seconds I got the tightness in neck, lump in throat feeling, dizzy, light headed feeling. :((

symptoms include
dizzy/light headed
shortness of breath
tightness in the neck
cant swallow
dry mouth
heart palpations (thought I havent had those attacks since august last year)
blacking out feeling (room color gets lighter/darker)
wanting to vomit
racing heart
slow down heart
lose of blood flow/tingling in forearms and calves.
loss of sex drive

Not all of these symptoms happen at once, sometimes I will get a few of them and sometimes I will get 80% or more of them.

It feels like my heart is just giving out and can't keep up with my body.

EKG's 4 times,ultra sound, holter monitor found nothing my ER doctor thinks its a chemical imbalnce of low serotonin but these are extreme symptoms.... I am scared and think its much worse, as I keep finding heart disease, caner of the adrenal gland and other disorders on the web related to these symptoms.

I hope someone can help me.

I have an appoitment with the cardiologist this week, I was ordered to get on a stress test. It probably wont happen for another week or two because this is just a consultation.
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To me it sounds like you have a lot of anxiety.  It seems to come out of nowhere but there is usually a reason why it presents itself. Change in diet, body weight, and over exerting yourself could be factors but I'm obviously not a doctor.  Best thing you can do is try to relax by doing things that make you feel good. Try taking it easy for a while, eat a healthy diet and stay away from looking up symptoms because that does nothing but create more anxiety. If you find that you still have anxiety after doing all this consider talking to a therapist to discuss what's going on.
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I keep forgetting to post this one, I have sleep insomnia? I been on melatonin on and off for three months, I have a lot of energy and don't feel tired at all at night. Normally I get about 7-10 hours of sleep.
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Why would I be having panic attacks? why would it trigger from standing on my tip toes?? Simple daily activities have turned into feeling like an old man.. It comes and goes, I feel like this goes beyond panic attacks.
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Sounds like panic attacks to me. They can be excruciating and make you have all the symptoms you have described. I went to a cardiologist also had tests came back fine. Get you an appointment with your family doctor or a psychiatrist and try treatment. They may suggest an antidepressant. There is help. I am currently seeking treatment and they are going to try cdt on me I think. Good luck.
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I forgot to mention that last year during August, bending over caused a lot of heart palpitations, I do not get that anymore. This recent attack I have not have heart palpitations like I did in August.
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