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What will meds do to my symptoms?

The worst of my symptoms of anxiety/depression has been my memory loss and trouble concentrating.

I'm 21 and these symptoms have made me feel disabled during school. I don't know how to explain it other than my mind fogging and completely shutting off to the point where I can read one sentence over and over, and still not comprehend it.

My question is, once my medication starts working, will my memory come back? Meaning will I remember the things I had trouble remembering. And will my concentration improve? Right now,  it can take me up to a half hour reading one page when I'm anxious, when my medication takes effect, will I be able to read faster?
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U know it sounds to me like ur brain is very low in Omega 3.  Omega 3 is a good fat that can be found in large amounts in oily fish such as Mackeral... Omega 3 is scientifically known to improve concentration, lower anxiety and in effect 'wake the brain up'.  

What I would do is go to my local health food store and ask about natural sorces of Omega 3 like seeds, nuts etc and have a chat with ur doctor and ask if it would be safe to take an Omega supplement with the medication u are already taking.
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When I first start taking these type meds I was in a fog for about two weeks then my body adjusted.  Some of these drugs depress your central nervous system while others my not.  If you are taking other meds like I was I went to a specialist and had them evaluate what I was taking on how they interacted.  This was life saving for me.
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