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Whats happening to me?

Im 14 and I have mild GAD and asbergers and my mom has Bipolar. A year ago I was diagnosed with mild GAD but over time I started to become severely paranoid (Even of my mom and dad!) like when I leave my food and drink alone for 10 secs and come back I think its posiened and end up not eating it. Im in my room for about 99.94% of the day or untill the whispering I hear faintly off in the distense (Calling my name) when alone and/or the moving "Shadow people" and the red dot scare me out, but mosty just happens at night. Im aware of the time yes but ....its like its starting to not make sense. Im known to switch personalitys, one sec im calm, shy, a little bitchy, and kinda sad and the next overly wild, loud, and very weird (When in the state I leirnded to stay away from sharp stuff or i end up hurting myself one way or another). Sometimes I break out in laughing fits for no good reason, my dad says my laugh sounds like a sick twisted hyena lol!  I feel like im starting to lose control of my mind most days the next im sad or feeling misunderstood. I have contradicting thoughts. I talk to myself in second person (Usely negative). I have a hard time trusting people, Im not sleeping well ether.

I would tell my mom and dad about this but do to my paranoia my mom and dad will get mad at me and yell (Like always when im scared)  or not believe me at all.

I dont my real dad but what I heard is that he was abusive of me and my mom......well I was neglected.

Also can I get schizophrenia if my mom is bipolar?
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Ok thanks.....i will try.
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7, I understand your worries about telling your mom and dad about what's going on, but it's very important that you do and ask that you either get an appointment to see your doctor, or with a psychiatrist. Tell him/her what's going on, and don't hide anything. You have some things going on that you need help coping with. Please do it this weekend, OK?
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