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What's your doctor appointment like?

Mine is a real busy doctor you has patients one after another. It was about a 45 minute to hour first initial consulation and then 15 minute med management after that. It consists of how you doing and either staying on current meds or changing meds. I've been on about 20 different meds in the last 15 years.

I feel like my doc appointment doesn't give me enough time to go over everything. That it's more like OK-try this drug and see me in a month or two and if that doesn't work then we will try you on another. I would like more time to discuss the drugs and their actions but I have to go home and research it myself on the internet and not really be able to discuss it with my doctor. There's a real feeling of insensitivity and rush to get out of the office for the next appointment so he doesn't get backed up.

How do you guys feel about how your mental health is being treated or how your appointments go?
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Fire the doctor. Find somebody who is professional.
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Is your doctor a GP? or a psychiatrist?

My GP is a fast paced busy man. I'm outta there in like 15 minutes. It works for me because of my schedule and I really trust him. He's pretty much mensa.

Now that being said, he knew I needed more help then he could give me so he sent me to the top people in our province. I was on a waiting list for over a year. I had many hard bumps in that year however was told I could go to the mental health teams around here. I waited it out for the psychiatrist because I was too lazy to get the help from the mental health teams. lol

Bottom line is your doctor is in a business. They make money on the amount of patients they see. Unfortunately that clouds some doctors bedside manners and sensitivity. Yes there are times that I feel rushed by my GP but I know that if I need him for longer, he'll be there for me. I've been pressured to switch doctors by my family because of another family member. They feel he failed them. Doctors are humans too and he might have failed them, but he hasn't failed me. If you're not comfortable with your doctor, see who else is taking patients ;)
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I love my doctor.
Hes a GP and listens to alllll i have to say.
He goes to anxiety and depression seminars,
and is well educated.
If your not satisfied with your doctor,
you could always look into another one.
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