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When is it time to go to the hospital?

How do I know if I need do go the the hospital when I am having a panic attack? What things do you look for?
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Panic attacks make u feel crazy but a true problem you will be in pain you will know just breath slow and the panic will go away
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Truly, if it is definitely an anxiety attack there's never a time you need to go to a hospital.  Only if you're not sure and you have solid reason to believe it's something else would a hospital be a necessary option.  Treatment for anxiety attacks is outpatient, meaning therapy to teach you hopefully how not to get them anymore, relaxation techniques, and only if necessary medication from an outpatient psychiatrist.  That doesn't mean it doesn't feel like you want to get immediate help -- you're panicking -- but wanting and needing aren't the same thing.  
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You often don't need to go to the hospital when you are having a panic attack. There really is nothing they can do for you except maybe give you some Ativan. It is definitely scary, but remember to do deep breathing and call someone if you need to and try to take your mind off of it. If you feel like you need to go to the hospital, then go. It will at least give you some reassurance that you are only having a panic attack.
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