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Why do I feel high all the time?

I am 16 and I smoked weed with one of my friends mind you I dont really smoke weed. I felt like the room was spinning and I got tunnel vision I have not smoked weed since but I feel like I'm high all the time. It feels like im living in a dream and not facing reality. It feels like I'm going to have a seizure sometimes but I have never had a history of them. Sometimes I still feel like the room is spinning and I go in to a trans like state. Please help me I'm really freaked out by it. I drink lots of water and get lots of exercise every day. I shake all the time and my body feels week most of the time. I am on Zoloft witch is a depression/ anxiety med and I feel no different. PLEASE HELP ME and tell me this goes away.
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Its been a year, ive been having the same symptoms- have they worn off? Have you found a solution?
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Hi.  I think having a reaction like that can be terrifying. Sticks with you.  Are you saying though that you have the spinning issue long after?  Tell me more so we can discuss.
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You are clearly suffering from anxiety, at your age you are certainly thinking about a lot that's happening around you ranging from friends, family, studies etc. Most people at this juncture of their age, go through some radical changes in their life and that takes a toll on body and mind.

In this situation, it won't be a good idea to consume marijuana, especially at your age when your brain is developing, this is your age to learn and face the realities of life, marijuana is an escapist's support system, you don't want to go there. There are umpteen psychedelic priests and they sure have a lot of data to profess how good marijuana is for you or how it's harmless. However, nothing can change the science that it depletes your brain cells and would slow down the process of decision making. Also, it is a gateway to some other recreational drugs which is not good for health.

The other meds that you are on are not good for you as suggested by members, you can try alternate techniques to ease up; meditation, breathing exercises, eating healthy and running can be great ways to calm your mind down.

Don't be worried, this is a great time for you, follow your dream, go for that hike, play that sport you like, serenade that girl, have fun :)

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Uh, no.  There is no such scientific evidence.  There is evidence nobody under age 21 should consume any drug that significantly affects brain neurotransmitters because they are still developing -- the human brain takes a very long time to fully biologically mature, and probably never emotionally matures.  This includes weed, but also antidepressants, antipsychotics, anti-epilepsy drugs, etc, though obviously some will need these despite the risk.  It also means pregnant women shouldn't consume these substances either, but again, sometimes you just have to.  For very young people with certain forms of epilepsy, for example, marijuana or CBD oil have proven to be the only thing that works.  But it isn't because it destroys brain cells or slows down the process of decision making, whatever that might mean.  I mean, if you mean while you're stoned you might slow down, it's possible, maybe likely, but when you're not stoned, the fact you smoke pot won't affect you when you're not currently stoned.  Given the number of people who use pot and the fact they all make decisions every day, it would be nigh impossible to prove this in real time.  I haven't had any pot in decades, but when I did, I was pretty sharp and pretty darned quick.  I'm a lot slower now, and I don't use it now.  The real danger posed by the science isn't what we know about pot but the opposite, that we really don't know that much about it.  Today's pot is so much stronger than what humans have used as far back as history tells us that studies need to all be done again, but when something is illegal, it's very hard to get good data as money for research is lacking.  Now that the money is back, we'll see, hopefully.  As for the gateway theory, that's been disproven so many times it would seem to be retired for good.  Everything is a gateway drug, if by that you mean if you use x and then y, x is assumed to be the gateway to using y.  So I guess since we all drank milk, that must be a gateway to marijuana, eh?  So I agree, young people are gambling some if they use pot and gambling more if they use it regularly, but it's for different reasons.  And they apply to all substances that affect brain neurotransmitters.  That we all agree on.  But using it occasionally probably has no material effect.  And folks, this will really date me, but psychedelic doesn't refer to pot, it refers to LSD.  Pot isn't psychedelic, it isn't a hallucinogen.  The data showing marijuana is good for you is real.  So is some of the data showing it isn't.  As with antidepressants or magic mushrooms or tomatoes, it depends on how you use them and how often and how long.  When I was young, false studies led a lot of us to use things we wouldn't have otherwise because we knew we weren't getting the correct information.  Pot was only made illegal in the first place to put African-Americans in prison, as they were assumed to be the biggest users of it.  Probably was false.  It was a long time ago.  Sigh.
Hi Paxiled,

I am sure you love your spliff but it's not a good thing. I smoked 15+ years of my life, I abused on various psychedelic substances (Absolutely not proud of) until I came out sober. I have been on both the sides of it, I can only tell what's the truth.

With all due respect to you, I truly honor your point of view to this but I have a point of view as well.

As far as the original poster is concerned, he is better off not consuming marijuana right now, he needs a sane mind that can perceive things for what they are, dopamine levels in his brain doesn't need to be stimulated with THC, there are some activities as listed in my earlier post that can help him to feel good instead of the consuming pot to enhance brain's reward system which will only increase negative emotions and decrease motivation in long run.
I agreed with everything you just said.  I also said I don't use pot myself.  What I expressed wasn't a point of view but just pointed out some factual mistakes you made in what you stated, but agreed with your advice that nobody younger than 21 should use weed and that as it has been made so much stronger now we really don't know what the current versions of it do long-term.  Anxiety sufferers generally have problems with pot, but there is much research currently showing new strains may help, but again, for adults, not young people.  What I was disagreeing with you on was your description of what is wrong with using it; that part you got wrong, and as I stated, one of the reasons it got so popular in the Sixties was the discovery of just how much people were lied to about it.  And again, this is a small point, but when you're trying to persuade young people, it's important to try to be as accurate as you can, as they have really high radar for arguments that don't seem to be true or that sound like the person is talking about something else, which is why I brought up the false argument of the gateway drug and the misuse of the term psychedelic.  We agree on our advice, but I do not want those reading this to see info that might lead them to ignore what I think is your very good advice.  Again, I stated I haven't used pot for nearly 40 years, so you're not talking to a user.  We actually agree.  Peace.
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I have the same problem i felt like that constantly att school worrying about when am i going to lose myy head, whyy can i remember things, and why do i talk to my self in my mind saying wtf is going on.  Ik exactly how youu feel and this feeling is an anxiety attack, and derealization. I went to the doctor's every week to see wtf is going on with me and it took 3 months after smoking that weed to finally get an answer saying i was suffering from anxiety and depression. Now i see my therapist every week and i have to say i am getting better a little at a time, and if i worked out every day i would probably  have been better by now. I would  see a therapist as soon as you can and muster the courage to tell your parents if you have not done so because even if you think  they won't understand stand you have to remember their your parents, they have loved you since the beginning and done dumb stuff as well. Hope you feel better soon and remember it's all in your head . Feel better soon :)
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When did you start the Zoloft?  The side effects you are mentioning are also side effects of taking Zoloft.  Look, you're only 16, your brain is still developing, if you started Zoloft because of one bad pot experience, I'm not sure that's the best solution, though you might have started it for a different reason.  Both drugs are not great for 16 year olds because of this issue, assuming they are okay for anyone.  I started pot at that age as well, and it was great for a long time, but then I started getting anxious on it.  This is common, and probably what happened to you -- you got stoned, as intended the drug changed your perception of reality, and for you that wasn't such a good thing.  Time will take care of this if it's the only reason you have this problem.  It's very possible you're holding onto the bad experience, which might indicate a predisposition to some anxiety issues, but it also might just be the drug didn't agree with you this time around.  All the above that Mom said is great help for you, but I just wanted to add to it from my own experience growing up at a time when pretty much everyone was using drugs, these drugs have been made much stronger, especially pot, by people who want your money, not your wellbeing.  What was once a pretty mild wild plant is now a very strong drug, and you're too young for it.  If you must try it, wait until you're 21 and your brain has settled.  For now, it's not for you, and I think this will pass if you stop focusing on it so much, again assuming there wasn't already some stuff going on you haven't mentioned.  Peace.
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So, clearly weed is not a great fit for you.  I wouldn't try it again as it doesn't agree with everyone and you clearly are an example of that.  And with your anxiety being so heightened, I'd speak to your doctor.  You may not be on the right medication or the right dose of medication and they need to be aware of how you are feeling. You can leave out the smoking weed part if you are afraid of getting in trouble as that may have triggered how you feel but unlikely to be the reason the situation is lingering. Eating enough (to match your exercise)?  Ever have low blood sugar issues?  Sounds like you are hydrating, which is good.  How about getting enough rest?  Being chronically tired can lead to not feeling our best.  What about your inner ear?  Dysfunction with something like the Eustachian tube can lead to dizziness.  But back to depression and anxiety.  It does sound like this is a definite factor.  Speak to your doctor about your symptoms. They should do a physical looking at what potential causes could be to rule them out.  Talk to your parents also to get them on board with the fact you aren't feeling right.  And if it is determined it is anxiety/mental health related, then please take that seriously.  Remember, that good mental health is not just about taking medication. While that can help and is appropriate for some people, it is much more than just that component.  Working through anxiety with a psychologist would be ideal.  AT your age in particular so you can get a handle on things.  Understanding your triggers and learning ways to cope will be essential.  
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