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Why do I sometimes feel like I'm breathing in hair spray or something similar?

ADHD is a hereditary thing in my family and I have it really bad. I'm just now starting to think that maybe I have anxiety too due to panic attacks and all the things I've read here that I totally relate to.

Sometimes when I'm laying down to go to sleep or when I wake up in the middle of the night, I feel like I'm breathing in taste-less particles similar to hair spray. This feeling freaks me out because I can't really explain it... Getting up and getting a glass of water never helps it. I have to actually eat something and get that texture for it to go away. Sometimes it'll keep me up for an hour or two just because I'm also afraid of getting up and going downstairs to the kitchen by myself.
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Anxiety causes panic attacks. It's because of this that if you have anxiety disorder then you will experience panic attacks and some of the things you are saying makes me think that is what is going on.

What is very interesting (I mean that in an empathetic way) is that when you eat, it get's rid of the "texture" of what you are breathing.

If possible, if you can afford it, get an air filtration machine. The reason why is because you will logically know that the air is "clean" around you and this will help you start to see if there is something in your house/area that you really are breathing in, or if it's just a mental issue.

Feel free to message me if you need too I can give you some tips/techniques to help with the anxiety if you have it (and it's not that you have mold or something in your room, another thing that you can check for and it's inexpensive) and recipes for herbal tea to calm you.
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This is an old post, but I found it because this is happening to me. I have ADD and anxiety. I was just studying and the feeling of breathing in hairspray has gotten worse in minutes. I don’t understand why that. I would like to understand it more though
Anxiety will play tricks on you, for sure.  Do you do anything like take medication for ADD or anxiety, either one or do any thing like counseling?
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