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Why do i get bad anxiety after i eat?

After i eat i usually get bad anxiety and some heart palpitations. I have been checked by a cardiologist and he says i am fine. This was a year ago. i am now pregnant and the anxiety is worse, i am taking zoloft and clonazepam and prenatal vitamins. I have been to the ER a few times already after i ate because i ended up having bad anxiety after.
wierdly i feel better after i have a BM, but the anxiety takes a while still and i get scared i am gonna die cause no one knows what is wrong with me! i had a stomach duodanum test and that was negative. Is there anyone like me and have any suggestions? Please and thank you!
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My health anxiety had originally stemmed from heart health.  You did the right thing by going to get checked out; now it is time to believe the results which is much easier said than done.  For me after a big meal and a couple of drinks I can feel all sorts of palpatations....probably because one, I am sensitized to feeling every little blip, burp, hiccup in the chest area and two, the body has to work hard to digest and process the food.  The same is true when we exercise, walk up a flight of stairs, etc.  The good thing.  You are ok, and it is a good thing that your heart works harder to process that food and get you up that flight of stairs.

Quite often, normal bodily functions and symptoms can become catastrophicsized in my opinion.  Throughout all of this, have you been to see a therapist?  If you have access to one, it is amazing how much a little knowledge can do for you when dealing with this....please keep us posted!!
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this is interesting that you get it after you eat! I usually cant eat if I'm feeling anxious. and then if i do eat it takes forever because it is soo hard for me to swallow because I feel i have a lump in my throat. the whole thing about feeling better have a BM is the same for me. According to what I have read and heard, anxiety is your bodies flight or fight reflex and a BM is our bodies way of preparing itself to fight or run. So if i get extremely anxious I usually have to run to the nearest bathroom. and trust me, I HATE IT. and i've noticed the more anxiety I have the more I noticed every little thing that goes on inside my body. So maybe try talking to a therapist. mine has really helped me!!
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Is it particular foods that cause this anxiety?  I have a panic disorder, and eating foods with high amounts of MSG in them cause panic attacks (heart palpitations, anxiety, shaking, nausea, etc).  It could be that you got anxious once when you ate something and now it is becoming a response.  
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Thank you to everyone who has responded, i do get panic attacks still from outta the blue too, i just hate when i get like this after i eat, and i can't tell if it is with certain foods but i get this way when i eat a lil more then i should and sometimes just when i eat not very much. so i find this very wierd! I have an appointment with a therapist on the 10th! so i am very happy for that! i try to stay away from MSG. and caffeine, only once in a while i will have caffeine, and wow i get caffeine sensitive!
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It is possible that you are having a cerebral reaction to a particular food (or even more than one).  Allergies effect different parts of the body.  And they can effect the brain.  Anxiety medication sounds like a good idea for you.  Not only would it help with the panic attacks, but it also helps allergic reactions.  You might get help after going on an antidepressant.  If not, get the book, "Is This Your Child" by Doris Rapp.  She was on Oprah once.  She should how children (and adults) can have emotional reactions to food.  There are food allergies and there are food sensitivities and both are tested and treated differently.  A traditional doctor will do allergy testing.  A holistic will do food sensitivity testing.  There is a guy who posted under the Gastroenterology forum who sounds just like you.  He said his reactions stopped when he stopped eating sugar of all kinds, including fruit and fruit juice.  You'll find out what food is causing your reactions, and then omit them.  Good Luck!
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I just realized your already on Zoloft.  Maybe you should try another drug, like Paxil and see if it works better.  I only say this because I know a girl with cerebral allergies and she got better after taking Paxil and Depakote.  Also, in the book I mentioned it should say the name of the test that Doris Rapp does.  Hopefully you can get it where you live.
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