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Wierd skin sensations driving me crazy!!

I have been having wierd skin sensations for the past month or more. It has ranged from numbness, burning, itching, prickly, tickles, etc. it was in hands and feet mainly but then it has migrated to other parts. Even my tongue and lips seem to be effected! The best way I can describe its like my skin is hypersensitive and I feel the hot water more intense on my hands.

This all started after I got an overwhelming anxiety/ panic over a routine blood draw where I for some reason I freaked out in my mind that WHAT IF the lab tech reused a hiv infected needle! I do have a abnormal fear of HiV.

My PCP assured me that phlebotomy equipment is one time use and that would never happen! And she said my symptoms are probably anxiety and she just kind of blew me off!
Anyway I've tried to get over the fear of the blood draw incident and chalk up my symptoms to anxiety but it's hard to get over when I feel these wierd skin sensation! They are like a constant reminder and they make me anxious!

I have tried xanax but doesnt help and I will say when I drink wine I feel better while I'm drinking :) I have started taking multi vitamins and tons of b12 and b complex since I read I could have a b deficit and I will say it's helping some but not totally gone!

Does anyone else have any similar issues?
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