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anxiety Wail in a Car

well i start to freak out when i am on the highway and alots of curves( cause it looks like the car can be coming at me).
and in big citys, i wont drive on highways i dont know. or in the citys. but being in the car im always freaking out and wanting to tell the driver to slow down or stop. and i keep thinking someone is gonna pull out in fount of us and cause us to wreck. i also dont like driving at night outside of the town i live in. i will make my boyfriend drive to where i want to go out side of my confert zone. i have only had my own drivers lic. for 2 months.

i know the cause to my fears is that 6 months ago i was in a really bad wreck and we was hit head on and altho i wasnt driving and no one in the truck was seriously hurt but all did spend a night in the hospital.
the guy that hit us head on was trying to pass 2 cars at once and didnt make it, he didnt survive the crash.

so i know the cause of my fears but i dont know what to do about this.
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Your fears are very real and very understandable.  It would probably be a good idea to talk to a therapist about what happened and how it's made you feel.  Therapy will help you deal with your feelings and emotions in regard to the accident and  help you get past it.  Good luck.
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i dont have the money for that...
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