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does anxiety cause your body to produce too much adrenalin/ is that why it makes you shakey uneasy keyed up?  any one know? thanks
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yes it does...there is gonna be a snow ball affect..this attack is gonna be layered with all kinds of problems...fear/paranoia, IBS, mood swings, etc.

Work out or something, spend that energy doing what you like to do.
One of the most important thing we should remember is to never stop being us...If you like sports, then don't allow depression and anger to stop you...do you and never forfeit your humor.
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does lexapro.. drugs like that help control this in your mind
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Anxiety sets your body in a constant fight or flight mode. So yes it gets you keyed up and ready to defend yourself. It is not a GOOD energy burst though i assure you of that. Being in a constant fight or flight state does not allow your body to heal or work properly when you are "keyed up"

Try some relaxation methods such as deep breathing and calm yourself down when you feel like this.

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is this why physical symtoms .. increase during the day.. does the medication  help relieve this.
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Medication does help relieve this. It keeps your body in a calmer state so you do not feel so keyed up
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