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anxiety is destroying my life

I have suffered from anxiety and depression most of my life. I am on medication for both and see a counselor. My anxiety has gotten worse over the months. I am especially having a hard time today. I have things for work I need to do and I just can not focus or calm myself down. I just want to jump out of my skin. I hate feeling this way and feel very hopeless. I just feel it will never get better. I just want it to stop.
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Sounds like the meds aren't working anymore.  Sometimes they poop out, and sometimes new problems will overwhelm them.  If this is the case, it's time to see your psychiatrist and tell him or her what's going on and whether you need to up the dose or try a new approach.  Also sounds like the therapy isn't working either, at least not yet, so it might also be time if you've been seeing this counselor for awhile to see someone more attuned to you or more expert in treating anxiety problems.  Life doesn't stop just because you're an anxiety sufferer -- life keeps happening with new challenges.  If new challenges prove more than you can handle, it means you haven't fixed your problem yet.  Medication only tamps down symptoms, it doesn't cure anything, and therapy more often doesn't work than works, but there's always another therapist out there who might be better for you.  In the meantime, has your counselor taught you any relaxation techniques to help you when things start to spiral?  
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Wow, I'm very sorry to read this and that you are feeling this way.  Can you call your doctor?  Even when on medication, people will (and are supposed to as we are human) have good and bad days but if this is frequent, constant or going to a level that is such you really can't cope, you need to touch base with your doctor.  Perhaps your med isn't working any longer, perhaps you need another dose, perhaps you need a second medication added.  I don't know but your doctor should be able to help you with a treatment plan.

Also, do you do any type of therapy?  Coping skills are essential.  And is something triggering this?  Keep a journal to help narrow down what may fuel this if there is anything.  

My son often tells me he feels like he wants to jump out of his skin.  He has sensory disorder and anxiety  both.  In all seriousness, this is greatly helped by exercise. Things that work for him are weight baring exercises.  So, lift some weights if you are able (in good health to do so)--  even just light dumb bells.  Go for a swim (the perfect nervous system exercise as it hits the deep pressure needed, resistance both).  Carry something heavy around your house. All of that works on the nervous system.  Then pounding sensations such as marching, skipping, running, etc. can help.  Linear movements such as stationary bike riding (or real if you do that) also is very soothing to the nervous system. He also works on breathing exercises that calm him 'in the moment'.  Breath in for 3, hold 3, breath out for 3, hold 3, repeat.  These are big deep breaths which you will naturally have to do to get to a count of 3.  

Let us know how you are doing!
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My therapist taught me to breathe through nose for 4 counts, hold 4 counts, breath out slowly 6-7 counts. repeat repeat repeat! Along with it helping to calm me down, it focuses your mind on the breathing and helpfully takes it off your anxiety. I find tapping is helpful too. I can't explain tapping on here, but look it up, i love it. Meditation, feeling what is in your hand (plate, steering wheel, etc.) just focusing on something concrete, helps your brain think about that instead of your anxiety.  Exercise, just walking alone, helps me immensely, feel how my feet touch the ground, seeing the flowers, focusing on breathing fresh air, how it smells....I know its hard to move even let alone get outside to walk, but just do it, don't think about it! When I'm having an anxiety attack, which paralyzes me, I try to do these therapies before it gets to that point, instead of letting the anxiety consume me by concentrating  and panicking about the anxiety happening.  I start the breathing right away! and like anything one doesn't think its helping, but practice it even when you do not have anxiety. walk when you don't have anxiety. etc... I hope this helps, I care so much about people who have anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc.  I know how hard it is.    
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