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anxiety physical symptom changes

hi, this is the first time i’ve been on here. i was wondering if anyone else experiences this. so i definitely have anxiety because my doctor said and recommended school counselling, however i haven’t done that yet because it’s mainly the physical symptoms thats the problem rather than the worrying etc. my physical symptoms literally don’t stop even when i’m fine and not worrying about anything, like it’s the summer holidays so i haven’t got any school stuff to worry about. anyway i get headaches, stomach aches, shaking, racing heart etc like the basic symptoms. but it seems that i get a new symptom every week or something. for example if i get a headache one week, it will stop then another symptom will come like my body HAS to have some sort of pain. like for the last 2 nights i’ve had this weird chest tightness pain which lasted like 5 mins and then stopped but i’ve never had this before. i bet in a few days it will stop and something else will happen. also these symptoms mainly happen in the night, rarely the day. does anyone have this or used to? it’s just so annoying and never ending.
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If you could describe your thoughts better it would be helpful.  Anxious people don't really need a reason to be anxious, but worrying isn't necessarily the same thing as anxiety.  Anxiety is a problem that needs treatment when it's chronic -- everyone has bad periods of life and everyone has things happen in life that get to them, but anxiety doesn't really need a reason, it's just there.  Anxiety sufferers invent reasons to worry, in other words, because for some unknown reason their brains become programmed to do that.  Therapy is one way to try to learn to change the program, or, in the case of people who have had the problem because of something traumatic that happened to them, learn to move past that.  You're obviously very young, relatively speaking, and life moves faster for young people than it does for most adults, who get more settled into routines for better or worse.  You don't say here how old you are or what you might be going through in your life, and that can be a factor in this stuff -- hormones are a problem, life changes quickly and often, and age means more than it does when you're older -- you're a lot different person at age 14 then you were at 13, but not so much when you're older.  The fact the symptoms keep shifting does hint at it being an anxiety problem.  If the doctor did a thorough exam, including checking you for viruses and nutritional deficiencies and thyroid problems, etc. and didn't just write it off to anxiety without checking first, then you have that indication as well.  If this is anxiety, your doc's advice was good advice.  Depends on how much your life is being affected by all this whether a psychologist might be better.  If you're not an anxious thinking person, on the other hand, it's possible it's something else.  But it sure sounds like you're going through something.  How long has this been going on?
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hi. when i went to the doctors i did have a blood test and it came back normal so they said it’s anxiety. i’m 15 years old btw. this started probably about a year ago after i got bullied by these people but after that stopped the symptoms got worse so it did start off with simple things like shaking and tingling feelings but i didn’t really care about that at the point because it weren’t painful. i didn’t actually think it was anxiety then either. i guess i don’t have many friends and people leave me out a lot. when i say i overthink i mean little things such as walking into an assembly and worrying about how many people are already in there. (i don’t like places with lots of people as i feel everyone is staring at me even tho there not.) my mum says i’m a hyperchondriac too because i google my symptoms and always think i have some terrible illness which then makes symptoms worse. also my headaches did actually stop a week before i finished school although i’ve had a few during the summer but definitely not as many.
Take your doctor's advice.  Seek counseling for anxiety.  I'm guessing a psychologist would be better than any school counselor for this problem, as it's not quick to treat anxiety.  Stop googling symptoms -- it's useless, as the same symptoms can be a sign of hundreds of things or nothing at all.  Google is only useful after you get a diagnosis and treatment that doesn't seem right to you -- then you can google authoritative sites and check up on what's going on.  But you'll drive yourself nuts googling symptoms.  If you're right and the bullying triggered this, working on why that triggered this might just help solve the problem.  Give it a try.  I'm not going to tell you the doc definitely did a thorough exam, they usually don't, but in your case you're describing an ongoing anxiety problem and the doc probably went on that basis.  The sooner you start to work on this, the better, so it doesn't live on with you over time.  Your age might have a lot to do with what's going on -- your at an age when we magnify things.  But some of us are prone to anxiety.  Your age is also an asset, because once you realize what's going on you are at a very adaptable place in life.  
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