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Does severe anxiety ever go away?  I have always been a worrier and have had panic attacks in the past, but right now I am having severe daily panic attacks.   Fearing I am being taken over by something.   Can I ever expect to be mysrlf again?
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Thats a good question I'd like to know the answer to. Ive been having severe anxiety and panic attacks for 10 years now. It hasnt gotten any better. Right now im actually going through the worst anxiety of my life so far. I hear of ways to control it like therapy, meditation, but i have not tried either yet. Maybe it could help.
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I have struggling with GAD and agoraphobia since puberty about 12 years of age I'm 30 now. I have tried yoga, exercise, intense therapy many different  docters,then diagnosed with PTSD. Every antidepressant known to man none helped only thing I have found is benzodiazapam started with Klonapin at 16 now only one that barley works is 2mg XANAX ONLY ALLOW MYSELF 1 PER DAY ALTHOUGH I GET 3 SOMETIMES I HAVE TO USE ALL 3 BUT I FIND I TRYING TO KEEP MYSELF ONLY TAKING 1PER DAY HARDER TO BECOME ADDICTED!!!!! big worry 4 me been through benzo withdrawal and its hell but 1 per day I don't get addicted
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Hi there! I have also been a worrier and worse case scenario kind of person.
I have PTSD from abuse as a child. but I also think anxiety is in my DNA..

I personally don't think there is medical proof that severe anxiety will go away for good.  Everyone's story is different and I think we learn different methods on how to cope with it so it's not so intense. I had "severe" panic attacks at 15 and learned how to deal with them thru therapy and certain breathing techniques. Fast forward to 34 and they have come back with a vengeance. So now I'm in therapy again,  trying meds, exercise ect. . Next step my doc wants me to try group therapy for people with anxiety and depression. I also suffer from agoraphobia so it will have to be a small group. We will see.. I will try anything at this point to not feel like this everyday.

@New help please ...anti depressants haven't worked for me either so far...yeah be careful of the benzos I was prescribed them as well and I try not to take them everyday and sometimes only half a pill.
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