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breathing anxiety hyperventilation

I have suffered with anxiety.hyperventilaton.  Its worse when in a situation where its one on one conversation...and I feel trapped.   Feel I cannot get a breath, cant concentrate, feel I'm suffocating and need to escape.   Been troubled by this for 3Oyrs...does it become a habit after so long...and how can one cure this ..what seems life threating at the time.   Please help.
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I have had those symptoms for 40 years...nothing to do with one on one conversation...just happens to me....can't take a deep breath, keep trying, panic some more and on and on...This went away for about 17 years and 3 weeks ago...BLAM...back in full blast.  My meds have been changed by I am anxious every day waiting for the next panic attack and concentrating on my breathing.  I already went to the ER and to the Breath and Lung Institute and they find nothing wrong with me except panic/anxiety attacks.

I know how you feel..  It is so scary when you feel like you just can't get enough air!!!

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This is a classic symptom of Anxiety/Panic disorder, see a Psych Dr. see what's going on. start work on breathing exercises, you can get this info from Dr. and on internet. breathing is not a cure, nor is Medication, but the breathing exercises will help big time to Stop onset Panic.
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You know what, there are too many doctors out there. Not one has any experience treating anyone of hyperventilation, but they know everything the book says. Parrots!!!
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