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can i overcome anxiety and panic disorder without anti depressants?

i've been dealing with GAD and panic disorder for the past 6 months, i couldn't even tell you how it started happening. i just broke down one day and that's when i had my first panic attack. for a week i stayed in my bed, i barely ate and i was afraid to do anything. i went to my primary care doctor and she gave me lexapro and xanax. i tried the lexapro for a couple days but hated it. it gave me the worst panic attacks i've ever experienced. i stuck to just using the xanax when i needed it, whether it was one at night, or one every other night. i was on .25. i thought i would get better on my own but clearly that was not the case. 6 months later, i am now seeing a psychiatrist. she told me that after talking to me, she doesn't find it necessary for me to be on an antidepressant, she said i could try it but it's optional. she gave me a prescription for klonopin, instead of xanax. she said if i choose not to do the anti depressant, i can just take the klonopin as needed/when i need to and stick with talk therapy with a psychologist. i told her i wanted to try the anti depressant and i did (it was zoloft) and the same thing happened with lexapro. i don't like the anxiety i get when starting an antidepressant, i'd rather just try and get through this without the use of anti depressants. my question is, is it possible?

if i start seeing a psychologist weekly, and take the klonopin if i need to, can i learn to live with this?
if you have learned to deal with your anxiety and panic, without medication please tell me your story!
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I'm on the same boat with anxiety and panic attacks except I recently found out I'm pregnant so I'm having to deal without meds definitely one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with my therapist recommended cognitive behavior therapy because talk therapy was doing nothing for me...I take walks in the afternoon eat healthy no caffeine drink tea meditate relaxing music and thinking about trying yoga
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You should always try therapy before medication, in my opinion.  Your psychiatrist is unusual in a good way, usually they just medicate.  But not just any therapy, you need to find someone who truly specializes in anxiety treatment, which these days is usually a CBT type, though there are others as well, such as hypnotherapy.  Because this is new for you the chances of solving it are good, meds are really for those who can't seem to find a way to solve the problem.  You're not there yet.  Just want to say, klonopin tends to take some time to work, so it isn't usually dosed as needed.  I suppose it could work that way if you took it far enough in advance.  I'd ask the psychiatrist why klonopin and not Xanax if it's as needed -- usually klonopin is used regularly, every day, twice a day, and it's best not to have to do that if you don't need to, whereas Xanax is shorter acting but works more quickly and as long as you take it as needed and not every day you shouldn't get addicted to it.  Good luck.
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actually am not taking meds at all and am doing all the natural remedies that there is to help..i have seen results and i must say that am improving day by day
if i succeed i will right about it and share with all of u here
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Well, Ive suffered with Anxiety since i was 24 years old, i decided to not have any tablets at all, because i was scared of the side effects, my doctor sent me to an Anxiety workshop, it was a group of people talking about Anxiety, which didnt help me one bit, so i didnt bother going! Anyway.. from the age of 24 to 29 i tried so hard to deal with this, and i will tell you now, it isnt easy at all, for 5 years ive gone through hell tbh.. I tried taking vitamins, and therapy which helped a little.. But i really just wanted to not take anything for it.. But yeh Im 30 now, and i just cracked one time, i went to see my doctor and explained everything to him, he's put me on Sertraline 50 mg (Zoloft) Ive been on them for a month now, they have caused alot of horrible side effects for me.. But i am starting to feel better, i do get the odd day where i just need to sleep! Good days and bad days!

But yeh just wanted to say, everyone is different obviously, and i hope you can deal with it :) I just wanted to share my story :D

I really don't want to be on tablets, but i know deep down i have too, because they really do help in a lot of ways!
Good Luck to you!!
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Can you overcome anxiety and panic disorder without anti depressants?

Yes and no in my opinion. :)

I was on a benzodiazapine like Xanax for 4 years called Ativan. I took it when "needed"... but over the years I started going through tolerance withdrawal. Which meant my body needed more of the drug. Since I took it as needed, also known as Yo Yo Use, my brain was getting confused and craving it physically. I was a mess for 4 years.

Finally I got benzo-wise and got off my Ativan. Had to see a specialist, but got off. Things have been so much better!

Yes, I still do suffer from anxiety, and yes it can be BAD BAD BAD.

BUT! Instead of suffering from anxiety and having to go see my Doctor every 2-4 weeks like I used to when I was on benzos and antidepressants...

Now I usually only have about 2 to 3 bad anxiety spells in a year VS. 20+

So, YES, you can overcome anxiety without meds. I'm living proof. Is it uncomfortable? YES. But does it eventually leave? For me YES. My anxiety spells last for about 2 solid weeks (14 days), then slowly dissipate. Then I can be fine for months. However, I choose to go the non med route, and see a psychologist (talk therapist), one who can not prescribe.

But, for me Anxiety is pretty much hard wired in my brain. It's just who I am. So for me, at this point, I don't believe my anxiety will ever just GO AWAY completely.

But you never know, it could one day. :)

Hang in there! :)
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