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can you die from anxiety??

can anyone here help me. i am a 34 year old male and recently i found out that i have heart disease and that i will need open heart surgery. that news hit me very hard and my life has been turned upside down. my sleeping,eating and daily functions have gone down hill. i take ativan but the relief is just temporary. i am always very anxious and my mind thinks about blood and doctors cracking my chest open and having chest tubes and being in the ICU. i simply can not function now,i can not get these thoughts out of head.

now,with my heart troubles,if i continue to be so anxious and stressed and nervous,can my heart give out and can i die? i am honestly not too scared of death itself,but i am so scared of pain and blood. what can i do to get my mind off my heart and think about something else?
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thank you guys for your insightful answers. i have made my own decision to not have any open heart surgery. i don't care if i am at risk of a heart attack. like i said before,i do not fear death,i just hope that i don't feel alot of pain when/if the heart attack comes.
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never heard of anyone dying from anxiety symptoms hun
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