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depersonalisation disorder

I have depersonalisation disorder since february this year. It happened out of sudden. AT the beginning, it was really terrible as that when confusion set in. My mind went blank and i couldnt understand what i read no matter how much i tried. I was diagnosed depression by previous psychiatrist before but i was pretty sure i was not depressed. I have tried 10 different medications. Now currently taking xanax, ritalin and lamotrigine. Lamatrogine worked wonder at the beginning but later lost its effectiveness

I'm at the point where i almost give up. I have no support from family and friends. I have told them my problem and they just think i'm being paranoid. It's really hard to live when i feel that everything is not real and my body feels numb. The symptoms just do not go away. What concern me the most is that I have poor concentration and memory and i feel like running away from my work..

Does anyone have the same experience? or already recovered? please share your story
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I've experienced some of this. Best advice I can give you is to not hyper-focus on the symptoms, as this just makes things worse. Instead, focus your energies and attention *outward* on the people and things around you. Get involved in activities that take your mind off of your symptoms and worries. Could be a home improvement project, whatever requires your complete focus. Do it often. I think you'll be better. Best wishes!
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thank you..i dont really mind the feeling of unreal. it is just that the problem of brain fog trouble me big time.
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