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does anxiety cause one to be dizzy and have vision shaky at times

I lost my job in January (have since found a new one) but when that happened I felt as if i lost control of my life, single 58 years old...3 grown children...i for the first time experienced Anxiety.  My oldest is getting married in 12 days and the stress from that has made my anxiety worse.  the past few weeks i have experienced bouts of a type of dizzyness...no the room doesnt spin...just have trouble focusing...and a couple of times i felt like a pinball machine on tilt..i have scheduled an apt with my gp tomorrow but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.  i also have not been getting much sleep...i workout daily and drink plenty of h20!  thank you for any assistance!!!  
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Dizziness can have many causes, and since it is self diagnosed there might not even be a problem. But you might be right, because with a panic attack you can get disoriented and not be able to focus. Perhaps doc can come up with the answer.
Thanks..hoping to get answers soon!  
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Dizziness and disorientation are two very common symptoms of anxiety attacks.  Now, it could be something else.  A thorough exam with your GP is a great idea, but be wary if the tests come out negative, which they usually do, of having your GP then treat you for anxiety.  They'll give you a drug they know little about and that will be that.  If it does seem to be anxiety, skip the prescription for now and find a psychologist who specializes in anxiety treatment.  This is especially true for you, because this isn't a chronic thing, this is something you know the origin of.  I'm older than you are, but when we get older losing a job can be incredibly stressful.  When you're young you know you're going to bounce back, but when you're older, it's much harder.  I'm guessing the anxiety you're having now, if it is that, is being caused by you getting used to being nervous when you lost that job and the insecurity it caused.  Seeing a therapist, again assuming your symptoms are of anxiety, will help you prevent this from becoming a chronic way of thinking.  I'm guessing, if anxiety wasn't a problem for you until this happened, you're probably going to overcome this with some help and things getting back to normal.  
Thank you!  I went to the Dr. yesterday (GP)...he is going to do a full blood work up...said i should prob see a therapist because he thinks i have depression...i dont really feel depressed but i do have anxiety so i guess it can't hurt to schedule an appointment.  Thank you for responding to my post!  Have a great day...
Anxiety and depression go hand in hand feeding off each other in a vicious escalating circle, so it can be difficult to figure which you have when it gets to a high level. The therapist is the quickest path to hopefully finding out.
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While it's good to check with your doctor, this is a very common symptom of anxiety. I discovered that the cause of this for me is very shallow breathing which comes on unconsciously due to anxiety.

Next time you feel dizzy, stop what you're doing and perform a breathing exercise for three minutes. Breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold your breath for four, breathe out for four, and wait for four more before repeating the whole 16-second cycle again. If you feel significantly less dizzy after the three minutes are up, problem solved! (If not, it's probably still anxiety causing your issue so don't freak out: You'll just need to find another way to address it.)

Poor sleep is also a major, major source of anxiety. Do the best you can to get the rest you need. Activities to help you wind down in the evening like reading a book or taking a relaxing bath are a great idea.
Thank you. I will try breathing exercises. My bouts of "dizzyness" only last about 30-60 seconds..sleep is an issue. Not enuf hours in the day to sleep more that 6-7... thanks for reaching out. Have a good weekend
And just to note, there are a million different breathing exercises out there you can try.  Most originate in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism, but have been incorporated into the relaxation techniques we use today in therapy.  So if one doesn't help, there are dozens more to try.  Keep in mind, though, that the benefit for an anxiety sufferer might only last a few minutes and after that the anxiety can come back.  It depends on the severity of the anxiety problem and the situation, but practice over time, like meditation practice, makes it work better over time.  But it won't usually replace changing the way you're currently thinking, so don't skip the therapy for the breathing exercise.  
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